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Title: One of those winter projects
Post by: RobJ on 09.09. 2019 17:19
I acquired my 1959 A10 a number of years ago basically as a rolling chassis, no engine or gearbox. I have had the intention of rebuilding it over the first winter of ownership, that never happened. So having found a set of crankcases, a large journal big end, a cylinder head and barrels its about time I did something. As there is nothing really wrong with the frame paintwork, I intend to leave it as is. The forks, and rear suspension need sorting out and the wheels need rebuilding. As for the engine, I quite like the idea of leaving it as the standard bottom end, not having the needle roller conversion. I guess that will depend on whether you still get the drive side journal bush. I have been offered a Super Flash triplex clutch, but I understand the swinging arm gearbox mainshaft will need to the changed to the plunger one.
No doubt I'll back with lots of questions.
Thanks Rob
Title: Re: One of those winter projects
Post by: muskrat on 09.09. 2019 21:06
G'day Rob, thanks for the intro.
Have you ever built a motor from scratch? Not a huge job but attention to detail is a must. All (well most) of the parts you will need are available The main bush will need to be line bored to suit the crank journal. I'd replace the cam bushes and anti siphon valve whilst in there.
You will get lots of help here from members. Just put your ??? in the right section.
Best of luck.
Title: Re: One of those winter projects
Post by: Greybeard on 09.09. 2019 22:13
Where are you located?
Title: Re: One of those winter projects
Post by: RobJ on 10.09. 2019 08:18
Yes, I have rebuilt engines from scatch before, albeit A65 ones. This is the first time I've ventured into A10 territory. As I said I'm unsure whether to go the neddle roller route or not, although all my  A65's have the needle roller conversion,
Title: Re: One of those winter projects
Post by: muskrat on 10.09. 2019 09:44
G'day Rob.
I'll 2nd Greybeard's question. As you have the new ivp6 ip address I cannot see where your at in the world to give you a flag.
Regards the roller conversion it depends how much use, speed and money you wish to pursue. I have roller in the A10 Cafe but that's my old race bike. My plunger has the bush and will remain so. Most here will recommend sticking with the bush.
If you don't have a clutch (or a plunger mainshaft to use the SF clutch) I'd look at a 4 spring, a lot better than the std 6 spring.