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Title: Loaner Tools
Post by: RichardL on 12.12. 2019 14:45
The current topic about the cost of taps and dies for gearbox main shaft threads has me thinking. You know, once upon a time we shared a book around the world so that anyone interested could read it (Triumph Around the World). The current holder would bear the shipping cost. It made it to a lot of stops before interest waned. (By the way, who has it now?) I think my point may already be made. If you need to borrow a tool, ask. If someone is willing to loan it out he can set the conditions. 

Richard L.
Title: Re: Loaner Tools
Post by: muskrat on 12.12. 2019 19:19
G'day Richard.
That's a great idea. Locations of owner and borrower may be a problem with postage costs.
Anyone can borrow my tools for $40/hour as I come with them. *lol*