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Title: I´m Back
Post by: Daniel Toro (DT) on 13.08. 2009 16:51
Hello friends.

After a great time in UK and Italy, I´m back to Brazil.

And in my baggage, of course, new parts for my BSA.
Sorry not keep in touch during the trip.

Thank´s for everybody and all the tips about stores and places to go.
Unfortunately I didin´t go to autojumble, but I´ve been at the London Motorcycle Museum.
Great bikes over there.

Well, I´m already start to dissasembly my bike to put the new parts like rear suspension and

Oh, and I buy some books too, like the "BSA Twin Restoration", "Haynes Manual" and the BSA Spares catalogue.

Thanks again.
Title: Re: I´m Back
Post by: LJ. on 13.08. 2009 17:05
Hi DT... Good to see your back here again, sorry the weather had not been kind to you during your stay in the UK. You'll probably want to be catching up on the posts that you've missed.