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Title: Nice summers day..
Post by: duTch on 17.12. 2019 00:12
 Yesterday I took the Gutzzi out to run some errants, and the air temp just before I left was ~38°C, and after about a mile or so riding the temperature reading on my bicycle speedo showed ~45-46° so headed for the watering hole and on the way was~46-48, which went to 50° when I stopped for a quiche at the bakery (yep real blokes do eat 'em even when sabotaged with mushroom  *eek*)..... By the time I rode 200 to the  *beer* *beer* watering hole was o
n 51° .....I know the speedo had the sun on it the whole time but on me too... And taking 'wind chill' into account it felt a bit warm...... *eek* even the hand levers were only touch when needed.... Photo taken *inside* the watering *beer* hole after being serviced...... No air-con ... *woo*
 (Top reading is time, reading °C temp, bottom reading, some other shite)

Only~30° today this far, but I forgot to do half what I went to do yesterday, so'll need to go again (that's why I call them 'errants'  *conf2* )  I know a few sandgropers will scoff at the mild temperatures but I'm not competing  *whistle* *whistle*

 Enjoy your snow *beer* *woo*