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Title: OMG!
Post by: Greybeard on 19.12. 2019 11:48
A Christmas treat for everyone who loves engines.
Title: Re: OMG!
Post by: RDfella on 19.12. 2019 11:53
When I worked on military vehicle development many years ago I suggested using turbines instead of big piston engines, but was told it was not viable as they'd need to double the number of tankers in a convoy to keep up with fuel demand. Often wondered how the yanks cope with that side of the problem.
Title: Re: OMG!
Post by: Greybeard on 19.12. 2019 13:44
I did not know that the Sherman had a very bad reputation.
Title: Re: OMG!
Post by: Sluggo on 20.12. 2019 00:40
I did not know that the Sherman had a very bad reputation.

Depends on who you ask, Still being argued about today, Also hotly debated is the Russky T34, and the German armour,   I often participate in other forums and know many guys in the Oregon Military vehicle club and several members own tanks.  My wife wants one badly! (Really!)

A guy about 3 miles from me was killed a few years ago when a round misfired in his tank. I knew the guy.  He had a nice collection.   I know a lot of people who were in US Armour divisions & units and talk a lot about this stuff.

Some considred the Sherman a death trap, certainly the Sheridan as well was considered a death trap.. They used some in Vietnam and a guy I know on Quora talks about them all the  time.  I read a lot of his stuff and he is a Canadian who enlisted in the US Army, chatted with Gen Pattons Son who was his commander at one point, and saw a lot of combat in Vietnam as a Tank driver. ASK HIM any tank questions that come to mind.  He knows his stuff.

" The 11th. Armored Cavalry Regiment (the Black Horse Regiment) in Vietnam, consisted of three full squadrons of armored cavalry. The squadron normally consisted of a headquarters troop, three cavalry troops, a tank company, a 155-mm self-propelled howitzer battery, and an aviation troop.

Title: Re: OMG!
Post by: Black Sheep on 20.12. 2019 06:21
The tank tactics recommended 12 Shermans to knock out 1 Tiger. The Tiger's limitation was the rate of gun traverse. By the time the Tiger had engaged 11 Shermans, the 12th could get close enough to hit the tracks side on. The German nickname for a Sherman was of course the Ronson after the advertising slogan "Ronson, every strike a light". Hmm.
Always wondered why Shermans had radial engines...
The German downfall regarding tanks was their complexity and slow production rate. So many different sizes of fasteners. The Shermans came off the production line fast enough to swamp them.