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Title: POR 15
Post by: A10 JWO on 19.02. 2020 15:32
Still playing with tanks: Tank is now ready for POR 15 before it goes to the painter. I noticed on the instructions that it must be left 96 hours to set. Does this mean before fuel can added ? The question I need answered, can the outside of the tank be prepped for paint whilst the stuff is going off. If so how long shall I leave it. Thank you.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: scotty on 19.02. 2020 19:48
Personally I would let it kick off fully as per instructions before doing anything else to the tank

but that’s just me.

I find patience with prepping and applying coatings is time well spent drinking an adult beverage

Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: a10gf on 19.02. 2020 20:15
Agree with the above, remembering all the nice & timeconsuming work I've botched up by being entusiastically impatient not letting things dry\settle properly (paint, glue, concrete etc), ending up with lots of xtra work, headache & hassle, forced to redo things. Have learned ...until next time it happens :O)
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: sean on 20.02. 2020 01:15
i use Casswell tank liner .....tank prep and  curing temps seem to be the most important thing to a successful outcome.
the longer you leave the product to dry thoroughly the better result you will have .
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 20.02. 2020 04:10
The 96 hours is how long the chemical reaction takes to reach the end point.
You can do what you like before that time just so long as nothing goes inside the tank.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: Black Sheep on 20.02. 2020 07:07
Rule of thumb - rate of chemical reaction doubles for each 10 degrees K rise in temperature. That's why here in sunny Scotland you allow at least twice as long as recommended. 
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: Greybeard on 20.02. 2020 10:01
96 hours is only four days ; you must have other stuff to be getting on with.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: A10 JWO on 20.02. 2020 18:15
All points taken on board. I shall hide it in the airing cupboard behind my M/C batteries. Thanks lads.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: Jules on 21.02. 2020 00:32
that sounds like the days when I rebuilt my old Cortina engine in the loungeroom at home when I was "but a lad", and more to the point Mum let me do it!!! LOL..
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: Bsareg on 21.02. 2020 09:54
I've used POR with great success several times . It does remind me of the original Hammerite in smell, look and feel (when dry) before they took all the nasties out.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: Slymo on 22.02. 2020 20:58
You can work on the outside of the tank whilst the POR cures. Its a polyurethane finish and is assisted in its cure my mosture so the airing cupboard is probably the wrong thing. It also stinks to high heaven so possibly not good for domestic harmony either.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: Greybeard on 23.02. 2020 09:24
I remember when I used POR15 the instructions said damp helps it set but someone, (here? ) denied that. That made me wonder if the formulation had changed.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: A10 JWO on 23.02. 2020 17:56
I had a look inside the tank today, I can see a couple of square inches that look a bit thin in a part of the tank that concerns me. I have some POR 15 left in the bottom of the tin. Can I give it another layer in this section with a paint brush that will reach ? Thanks lads. I am also experimenting with a spare piece of steel I dipped when I did the tank, just waiting to see if the second coat reacts.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: Slymo on 25.02. 2020 00:04
You can if the paint hasn't started to go off yet. I've found that once you've opened the tin and the paint has been exposed to the atmosphere it isn't long until it goes off.
Title: Re: POR 15
Post by: A10 JWO on 25.02. 2020 18:21
Have painted over the patch and it took well. Took the tank to the paint shop and it's off to be colour matched, so work will start Monday. It goes off rock hard, fingers crossed. Thank you everyone.