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Title: Alternative switchgear
Post by: stevejs on 21.04. 2020 06:47
This has probably been discussed before, but I can't find it: are there any handlebar switches from other machines which can successfully be transplanted to A7's and 10's? Obviously you can't be bothered with originality if you're doing this, but from a practical viewpoint there could be advantages. I wondered for instance if Enflield India switchgear is an better alternative.

I own a T160 Triumph which had its dire Lucas switches replaced with a modern equivalent that was easier to use and well as looking good.
Title: Re: Alternative switchgear
Post by: muskrat on 21.04. 2020 11:45
G'day Steve.
Wemoto have a few different types. Depends on how many switches you need. Headlight H/L & kill, add horn, add indicators, add pass.
Or check out your local motorcycle wreckers///breakers.
Title: Re: Alternative switchgear
Post by: edboy on 21.04. 2020 19:59
hi steve,
i went 3 phase with a t160 then added the whole loom, switchgear and rectifier of a suzuki gs750. went neg earth and very reliable .  later used gs750 clutch cable , lever and then mikunis using a home made manifold. turned a good bike into a great bike. however many dont care for that sort of change to marques. i have a gs750 as well and both these bikes will cruise 100mph all day and handle. i ve yet to get the same performance from my a10 .
65 - 68mph all day.
norton commando switchgear is supposed to be good.
Title: Re: Alternative switchgear
Post by: stevejs on 21.04. 2020 21:07
I spotted this on the Hitchcocks site. Not cheap, but reminiscent of the Lucas stuff of the seventies. I find the tin and plastic types common on our BSA's pretty poor...especially when it's wet. My Trident has Magura switchgear as an after-market improvement. Loads better than the original stuff.