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Title: A new one and starts with a problem :-)
Post by: Lippi on 08.06. 2020 19:29
Hi all

Sorry for my late introduction here. I started directly with my problem with my BSA A10 Golden Flash from 1953.

My name is Christian, but my friends call me Lippi. I'm 45 years old and had already some bikes, also a BSA Sloper from 1930, but I sold it, I prefer the Golden Flash :-)

I found this bike almost 10 years ago in a online auction platform. A friend of mine, which has expirience with old british bikes told me to buy it. But to be honest, I did not drive a lot.

Two years ago, my best friend bought a BSA A65 Thunderbolt from 69. I was already on the way to sell my BSA, then I took it we did a ride and it was awesome. Last year, I had a damage during a ride. The pertinax pinion from the governor was completly worn. I decided to exchange the magneto with a BTH Magneto. It was the best decision I took. So, the engine was ok and we started to maintain the brakes and here the big, bad surprise was coming. Have a look in my other thread. The spindle does not fit with the fork. I was in luck that someone or somehow the spindle stucked in the fork. I don't want imagine what could happpen...

So and now I'm here and you guys already helped me within one hour yesterday

Thank you so much for the kind response in the forum here.

Best regards from the Principality of Liechtenstein

Title: Re: A new one and starts with a problem :-)
Post by: a10gf on 08.06. 2020 20:21
Welcome, very nice (and unexpected) to see Lichtenstein here!