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Title: gearbox
Post by: Miker on 27.07. 2020 07:08
I have just put my gearbox back together but have noticed that the mainshaft and layshaft cogs ,Gears ? are not level with each other. The mainshaft one seems to be a few millimeters lower. Is this ok or do they have to be level with each other? I have put gearbox in neutral  to assemble. Gears seem to be selecting on the dry fit.
Title: Re: gearbox
Post by: Swarfcut on 27.07. 2020 08:23
 If the gears you mean are the Output gear/drive sleeve and the Layshaft fixed pinion, then that sounds correct. The layshaft pinion teeth are wider, and if you look closely at the layshaft pinion you may see the existing wear pattern on the teeth as a witness mark.

  Don't forget the thrust washer on the layshaft under the big  loose bottom gear cog, inner chamfer side faces the clutch end of the box. This controls layshaft endfloat, which should be minimal when the inner cover is tightened down.