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Title: Timing cover mod
Post by: Minto on 13.10. 2020 01:25
Yesterday I took a ride over to the food stop cafe near Bridgnorth and had a natter with a bloke with a cosmetically challenged but quite cleverly modified  A10. Apart from running a car alternator which was strapped to the front frame down tubes, it also had a timing cover which had been cut into three sections "to save having to remove all twelve screws and the whole gasket every time you want to get to the A/R unit or the dynamo or oil pump". As it had been sectioned all of the three could be accessed separately. I suppose the only bit you'd need to worry about being oil tight would be the bottom section. Bloody good idea I thought. Wish I'd got a picture, I'm thinking of getting a spare cover off eBay to chop up, just for when things need setting up after it's next rebuild.
Nice bloke too.
Title: Re: Timing cover mod
Post by: Rocket Racer on 04.11. 2020 22:23
The legendary Chris Vincent whose A7ss won the 1962 sidecar TT took it a slightly different path removing the front section of both outer covers.
Title: Re: Timing cover mod
Post by: metalflake11 on 09.12. 2020 07:06
How busy does somebodies life have to be to not have time to undo 12 screws? *eek*