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Title: Santa says...
Post by: Greybeard on 22.12. 2020 15:21
I hope all you kids have a wonderful Christmas!
Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: muskrat on 22.12. 2020 18:46
Bah Humbug.
LOL you know I had to say that.
All the best Folks.
Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: RogerSB on 22.12. 2020 20:39
All the best!
Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: berger on 22.12. 2020 21:43
I am in the humbug gang and he will not be coming to my house unless he wants his bum burning because the fire is in all day and night. humbug humbug humbug *razz* *razz*, I have had tooth trouble again and to top it off been poisoned with antibiotics *problem*. they've knocked my pub down *pull hair out* *pull hair out* and now my right wrist keeps making me nearly drop a cup of tea it hurts that much *sick*, tendon trouble after years of the dreaded number 12 shovel, and my fault for arm wrestling body builders and beating the steroided up bags of water *yeah*.. apart from that brothers got a roof on the workshop at last so I might get moving with the berger build sometime in the next decade *bash* time is moving to fast or I am slowing down *dunno2*, maybe it's me feeling ill, I DON'T like being ILL!!!! *sad* thankyou for listening *thanks* and a happy new year to you all on the bestest ever forum in the universe *smile*. ps it can't all be doom and gloom I received some carb rubbers all the way from japan for the yonda today , it only took 8 days *good3*
Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: RichardL on 22.12. 2020 23:28
Santa says, "I love my job except for having to spend all of Christmas Eve staring at Reindeers' butts." 

Richard L.
Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: orabanda on 23.12. 2020 00:48
Talking about Reindeers.........
Did you hear about Rudolph the Brown Nosed Reindeer........?
He could run as fast as the rest of the team, but was the slowest to stop!


Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: BigJim on 23.12. 2020 10:28
Hey Berger , you and me both. Got an emergency dentist today and hoping they pull the b.....d out!
On a Solpadened ,(painkiller) up note Merry Christmas GB and one and all.
 *sick* *pull hair out* *bash* *countdown* *beer* *good3*
Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: BSARGS650 on 23.12. 2020 11:42
Mmmm...Yes, it's that time of year when Santa needs to empty his bulging sack.  At least he only comes once a year.....seems like me in my old age.

Seasons greetings to all on this most excellent forum in the cosmos with a wealth of expert knowledge patiently given - not to be got anywhere else.
Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: a10gf on 23.12. 2020 18:10
& a fine xmas to all!

 *thanks* for all the good posts through the year.
Title: Re: Santa says...
Post by: bsa-bill on 23.12. 2020 18:49
On a Solpadened ,(painkiller)

works better with a tot of brandy, all you've got to do after is stay awake