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Title: brake pedal,
Post by: ciderman on 18.05. 2021 19:41
Hi , bought a brake pedal for my 63 flash off ebay quite some time ago ( listed for the same ) and have come across a problem whilst fitting it , it fits the crossover shaft perfectly but will not fit fully home because the return spring is stopping it ! it is ( as far as i can make out def the correct spring ) fitted correctly . it will only work if there is about 14mm overhanging the  crossover spline which is not right at all. The pedal seems to fit ok everywhere else and the only number i can see on it ( on the splined part ) looks to be 1106 ( or 1100 ) 89. i have seen a few threads on here about different types of brake pedal fitted to these machines and im even more baffled now ! any ideas ? surely the spring doesnt fit on the other ( cable ) side ?
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: RDfella on 18.05. 2021 20:13
Had a similar problen before I discovered a different type of spring - which fits on the other side - was required.
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: ciderman on 19.05. 2021 07:16
thanks for that , it does seem to be the only solution  .....have to find one now ! *eek* *smile*
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: mikeb on 19.05. 2021 23:29
i may not be fully following this ciderman but to note: my 61 super rocket has the crossover to the cable on the right (where the brake is). the brake pedal spring fits on the left (drive side) around the outside of the pedal's splined area. the spring, when under tension, rests off-centre and gets in the way of fitting the brake pedal so i have to massage it out of the way so the pedal can locate on the spline, inside the spring, and go 'home'. i achieve this with large jaw pliers, disposable screwdrivers and lots of swearing. I also have to prevent the inward force of pushing on the pedal from pushing the crossover out of the drive side.

i've thought it a mixture of stupid design or maybe inferior replacement springs. but its achievable on mine at least. so if your sounds similar this may work for you too.
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: Colsbeeza on 19.05. 2021 23:52
Hello Ciderman, Further to mikeb's reply, Mine seems to be the same. The spring is large diameter and fits over the pedal boss. Here are a couple of shots. I only put it back on yesterday, so excuse my over-greasing. The spring is ill-fitting, I cannot remember where I purchased it from, but it does the job.
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: ciderman on 20.05. 2021 07:02
ah yes... i can see the problem now  ( so obvious ) ! the operating arm for the brake light switch is not on the same side as yours !  i its nearer to the frame , and it is this that is contacting the spring and pushing the lever off the shaft .beginning to think my pedal is perhaps from a different model ? no part number on it  other than what is on my first post. i  could try to adapt mine though easily enough ! thanks , your pic has shed some light on this problem  *smile*
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: Swarfcut on 20.05. 2021 08:50
 Forging number with a 68 prefix makes me think it started life on a later unit construction A50/A65. 68 7011 is the forging number you can see, 68 7010 is the part number for a pre 1966 Unit Model brake pedal. Here BSA are still retaining the familiar single digit difference between a part number and the raw forging or casting. Cheated a bit here, checked it out on Drags' Website.

  With the forging number so close to the inner edge, possible chance a piece has been chopped off, and as a guestimate this is the reason for the 14mm overhang. So a spacer here to support the coils of the spring may save the day and will positively locate the cross shaft until the right part comes along.

 So it does fit the splines, but not quite the right part for the job as it is. Basic spring layout follows Col's, coils go around the pedal splined boss or in this case the added spacer if my assumption proves correct.  On my frame the splined shaft extends 35mm from the S/A tube face plate, so the pedal boss plus any spacer needs to be at least 35mm.

Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: RDfella on 20.05. 2021 10:27
easy solution:
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: mikeb on 20.05. 2021 12:09
RD - is that the standard brake pedal spring (off the drive side) or some custom one?
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: RDfella on 20.05. 2021 12:25
It's a standard spring for the right hand side.
Title: Re: brake pedal,
Post by: ciderman on 20.05. 2021 13:36
all sorted now...removed the brake light operating arm and welded it on the other side -  spring fits  on perfectly now . and saved me sourcing another pedal for silly money...why i didnt spot this earlier is beyond me ! *smile* *smile* thanks for all the input . *smiley4*