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Title: speed
Post by: rocket man on 19.09. 2009 21:38
hi everyone whats the fastest youve rode your BSA
before i had mine rebuilt i got up to 80 miles an hour
Title: Re: speed
Post by: trevinoz on 19.09. 2009 23:43
I had mine up to 100 mph indicated on the speedo when I was young and stupid. What was scary was the Vauxhall Cresta that passed me!
Now I am old and stupid I usually don't go over 70 mph with occasional bursts up to about 80 mph.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: Brucie64 on 20.09. 2009 08:50
I have taken my spitfire scrambler (scambler gearbox but different engine gearing) to around 80mph with plenty of throttle left but chickened out going any faster as I saw a car miles in the distance pulling out in front of me and I wondered whether I could stop in time.  *eek*
Title: Re: speed
Post by: beezalex on 20.09. 2009 13:40
My Flash has done the ton on a number of occasions.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: LJ. on 20.09. 2009 14:22
I've only done 65 - 70 mph on both A10s with loads of throttle left. Just don't want to risk breaking them.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: bsa-bill on 20.09. 2009 17:44
The ton - once, about fifty odd years ago, took a gradient and what seemed forever to get there.
What suprised me was how fast it went in third and looking back how niave I was in straightening out the resulting bent pushrod in the farm vice, popping it back in and re-assembled without a thought as to why it bent or if any other damage had been caused.
What a fantastic and wasted thing youth is ?

All the best - Bill
Title: Re: speed
Post by: Desburnett on 21.09. 2009 18:43
Similar to Bill,
40 odd years ago I would attempt to go flat out to see around 95 on the clock. Surprised to see my mate and his girlfriend sail by in their MGB. Anything over 80mph resulted in having to adjust the rear chain the following week and re set the tappets.
I can recall another mate buying what was then (1970 ish) a Suzuki T10 250 twin two stroke 4 speed. It had more acceleration and top end than the 500 A7SS. When another mate turned up on a brand new Suzuki super six (uprated T10) that was the start of the slippery slope. Mind you at the parts counter in Vale Onslows (Stratford Road Birmingham) you could get virtually anything for BSA / Triumph / Norton so when said mate asked for some part for his Suzuki I can still hear the guy behind the counter saying, "sorry mate we dont keep japanese scrap".............Whatever happened to the British Motorcycle Industry ?   See the book by the same Bert Hopwood, Haynes Publishing  ISBN 978 1 85960 427 4


Title: Re: speed
Post by: RichardL on 21.09. 2009 19:01
Dave (Rocket Man),

I'm getting a kick out of the two questions you've initiated, loosely: Fastest ride?; Worst occurance? It seems if you attempt the first to match our friends here you could end up with the second.

As for myself, on the current build, about 53 mph, because I am giving it a long running in. I'm not answering the "Worst occurance" here because it is in the wrong topic and involves surgery.

Richard L.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: tombeau on 21.09. 2009 20:16
94. Two-up and with a dodgey mag. It was pinking like crazy.
Can't get more than 85 out of it these days, but thats with different gearing, riding position, pistons and carburettor. Maybe I should sort it, but maybe its for the best.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: groily on 21.09. 2009 21:37
The first A10 I ever had was stolen. The guy was pulled by the police after a chase.
They said - we're talking 1973 or so - that it had been clocked at 103mph on the old Cambridge to Huntingdon road in the UK (A14 nowadays probably? - might have been then too). That had clip-ons etc and was a total eyesore, but that particular week it had nice cams and lumpy pistons, despite the iron head. 13 DTX where are you now? In which landfill, should I say?
Thing was, it did precisely 5 clattery miles after my getting it back - before a big end cap parted company with the rest of the rod and the motor was expensively wrecked.
Haven't ever tried anything like that with my current Flash - but it did run for 2 hours at a steady 75mph with me and one of my daughters on it a month or two back when things had conspired against us and we were running late for a good lunch. That seemed to be enough, but it didn't complain, didn't start doing the old heavy breathing routine, become incontinent, or any other bad thing. In fact, it just ran like a clock. Wonderful thing for its age, and in rather better shape than its rider - although we're both rough round the edges. If I wound it on, reckon it would run up to the mid-90s, but no intention of trying any time soon. 55-65mph is the comfort zone with its cooking engine I reckon. Haven't laid a spanner on it bar 5 oil changes and occasional rear chain adjustment in the last 5000 miles, which is more than I can say for one or two 4- and 2-wheeled moderns of my acquaintance. And my tatty 'B' is just as brilliant, just slower. Small Heath gets my vote if there is one . . . tremendous things. As one who spends a lot of time with his ample hind quarters slung over AMC twins and one or two other things as well, there's never any doubt which make to take when you know you have to get there. And back.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 22.09. 2009 13:29
I regularly got speeds in the 110 to 120 mph range on my A 10 when I was also "young & stupid".
I would imagine that the chronometric was fairly accurate as I have several very expensive speed verifictions courtsy of "Er magistys finest" usually followed by a long chat with the local Magistrate or if I was lucky then I got the size 9's swiftly embedded into a part of the anatomy that made riding at any speed most uncomfortable for  week or two, arh the good old days, how I survived them God only knows
Title: Re: speed
Post by: A10Boy on 22.09. 2009 14:20
My FSIE would do 85mph on a good day.........
Title: Re: speed
Post by: beezalex on 22.09. 2009 14:55
I regularly got speeds in the 110 to 120 mph range on my A 10

That's because imperial miles are shorter than US miles, right? *smile*
Title: Re: speed
Post by: A10Boy on 22.09. 2009 21:22
I regularly got speeds in the 110 to 120 mph range on my A 10

The boys in blue must have had a great time pulling over a BSA doing 120mph in their 850 mini panda cars..  ;)
Title: Re: speed
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 24.09. 2009 11:59
If you google "Bumborah Point Road" you will see that there was no need to go chasing any body.
In those days the Port Botany had not been built.
All that was there was a breakwater, ( built initially to protect the first runway extension) just wide enough to support a 4 lane wide tar over concrete road, 1/2 of which was renamed "Prince of Wales Drive" a few years back. This led onto "Foreshore road" another wonderfull piece of tar, 2 miles long & unused after dark except by car & bike hooligans, 6 lanes wide.

The local plod just had to stand at the ends and unless your bike had water wings you were nabbed.
They also had Triumph Saints , Honda 4's, V8 Chargers ( local version of the Dodge Dart), full race kit Cooper S's & XU1 Toranas if they felt like a little sport & we were feeling lucky or brave.

And no it was not your cooking version A 10, running 11:1 with Total 101 octane + 10% nitro benzene in the tank, and yes I did eventually blow the motor, but I was a lot of fun while it lasted.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: A10Boy on 24.09. 2009 19:39
Title: Re: speed
Post by: fido on 25.09. 2009 10:13
With my old Shooting star I think I had it to about 90 once or twice. I had to be able to cruise at 80 to keep up with the college bike club runs as the others mostly had faster bikes. My current A7 never gets thrashed and I can't recall ever going over 65. I mostly cruise at 55 to 60.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: cus on 25.09. 2009 11:45
Certainly not part of the ton club, after the money I just spent I don't feel like leaving metal all over
the road. Have been sitting on 55 - 60, but noticed that once I hit 60 this little bike really finds its
legs & smooths out, I reckon it would give my T140 a run for its money, but I haven't taken it over 75,
might give it a squirt one day once its loosened up a bit more, must have been pretty impressive back
in the 60's.

regards, Cus
Title: Re: speed
Post by: mike667 on 25.09. 2009 11:49
I recently cracked the ton on my flash (just barely- at least according to its speedo )-  i'd have to say that it wasn't a comfortable 100  - but was a exciting one - my valves were very much out of whack afterwards and the motor did sound like it was ready to throw a rod during it - was a bit of a beer fueled experience driving back home from rockabilly show in NYC
  i don't think i would ever do it again (haha) -
Title: Re: speed
Post by: A10Boy on 25.09. 2009 13:36
Lets be honest, standard a7/A10s werent made for high speed use. The first motorway wasnt opened in UK until 1959 or there abouts, and mostly they were daily transport to and from work for the working man, which was probably within 5 miles of home.

My Golden Flash is happiest at upto about 70mph, and thats suits me for a sunday blast in the cotswolds. If I want to go faster, I get out the Z1 and let rip, but mostly, I'm happier on the Beezer. Its not the speed that counts, its living the BSA life  *smile*
Title: Re: speed
Post by: muskrat on 25.09. 2009 20:56
G'day all,
            my little '51 A7 regularly see's 70 all day and is good for 80 on occasions. The '57 A7 SS racer would just pull 120 at 7500 rpm on Eastern Creeks down hill straight.
I have as much fun on a postie doing 50 as I do on my Rhonda Whore 1100 at 150.
Title: Re: speed
Post by: Rusty nuts on 25.09. 2009 20:57
My FSIE would do 85mph on a good day.........
And my BSA AP50 special would pull 86! on knobblys, bet you never saw an AP50 scrambler *smile*
Seriously though, still running in the longstroke plunger hitting a couple of potholes in quick succession at 55mph yesterday was like being launched into lunar orbit on a demented pogo stick!
Tricky when approaching a bend with a tractor coming round it *help* Think hedge, think hedge!
Don't think I want it to go faster, would end up wrong side of eternity!

Title: Re: speed
Post by: coater87 on 25.09. 2009 22:54
 Oh Yes,

and yes I did eventually blow the motor, but I was a lot of fun while it lasted.

 When exactly did the day come when we realised it was more fun to have something that ran, then something that blew up every Friday night? And when I was younger, money was always tight- where did I ever find the money to keep blowing motors???? Or buying tires they would let you run with? Or the fuel to make "roman candles" out of the exhaust pipes? (8 of them straight up and out of the hood- hehehe!) Man, I wasted my youth- but did I ever have a good time doing it!!!!!! *smile* *smile*