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Title: 1961 A7SS Horn mount
Post by: Desburnett on 17.11. 2009 22:34
Apologies for raising this question as i can see from searches it has been covered before but i didn't find the detail i am looking for.
I can see the horn mounting holes are in the bottom yoke but when I offer the horn to the mounting within the nacelle there doesn't appear to be sufficient room.
This must have been a problem for the previous owner as he had rigged up a mounting to the front brace under the petrol tank. A pic taken with headlight unit removed into the nacelle might help or ??


Title: Re: 1961 A7SS Horn mount
Post by: trevinoz on 18.11. 2009 20:25
           By 1961 the horn fitted to the A7/A10 was the 8H which is much smaller than the cast iron lump.
Louder too.
The HF 1441 will fit if you have the correct bracket. Perhaps the triangular spring steel leaves are too long.