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Title: Rear brake light switch
Post by: Al9000 on 14.12. 2009 22:10
On my 1960 A7 Shooting Star the rear brake light switch is in a very sorry state.  Problem is, all the replacement switches I've found online listed as for the A7 are a long plunger style switch, whereas the one currently fitted to my bike I would describe as a kind of semi-circular "body" with an angled arm coming off it which is actuated by movement of the brake pedal. It is mounted on a small bracket coming off the back of the tool compartment.  I am wondering, is this something maybe my Dad fitted as he didn't have the correct plunger type?  Or is this original and the plunger type is an modern upgrade.
As I said, I can find plenty of the plunger type switches but nothing remotely resembling the one that is on it now.

Will the plunger type one fit straight on?

Allan.  *conf* ????
Title: Re: Rear brake light switch
Post by: dpaddock on 14.12. 2009 22:43
The "semi-circular" item is correct for your 1960 A7. The BSA p/n is 19-1124. The "plunger" type you refer to is p/n 19-1114 for pre-1960 swing arm models. This type can be made to fit yours, but not "straight on".

Title: Re: Rear brake light switch
Post by: chaterlea25 on 14.12. 2009 23:16
Hi Allan,
It took me a long time to find the correct semi circular brake light switch, some other makes use a similar looking device BUT they are mirror image or the lever works the wrong way (dont ask how I know this!)
Before I found the correct switch I mounted a piece of flat steel sheet to the back of the toolbox and fixed an industrial microswitch to this!
hope this helps
John o R
Title: Re: Rear brake light switch
Post by: Al9000 on 14.12. 2009 23:34
 *smile* Ha John I had to smile when I read your reply.  I ordered a Triumph switch that looked identical, and found that it operated all completely idiot about face!!!  No matter what I did it just wouldn't fit or ever work correctly!!  There was no way to disassemble it and reverse the workings. So I've limped along with the original, but it's WELL past it's sell by date now.  I wonder why the replacement brand new switches are so readily available for the earlier models, but not this type??!!! *conf*