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Title: Out of hibernation
Post by: jfligg on 21.05. 2007 13:45
Hi Guys
  Heres a post for our BSA Mates in the colder climates.  Has everyone got their BSA out from its winter slumber yet?  Any trials or tribulations?  Snap us a pic?  Was the first ride all it cracked up to be?  I've done about 152 miles so far.  With only leaky taps so far.  I am going to a cruise night on Tues, I will try to post some pics.  Jeff
Title: Re: Out of hibernation
Post by: BrianDallasTX on 07.06. 2007 19:14
I have been putting quite a few miles on the BSA which recently broke 26k original miles.  Last ride was 50 mile round trip to Sunday breakfast.  I recently picked up an '02 Bonnie and ride it mostly on longer trips.  The A-10 is still the favorite ride. *smiley4*