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Title: Breather?
Post by: alanp on 13.03. 2010 16:36
I've not given any thought to the breather on my RGS rebuild, so when I had a look to see where it exits I found the hole on the rear face of the inner timing cover which I assume is the breather exit BUT it is plugged. Using a mirror to look in the hole all I can see is the top of a slotted screw plug. The bottom end of this engine was rebuilt by the best known engineering company on this island for BSA, so I'm assuming it was intentional. I'll ring them next Monday but has anyone in the meantime any idea what is going on here? Alan.
Title: Re: Breather?
Post by: flashblack on 13.03. 2010 18:21
Hi Alan, your breather should exit through a hole in the left rear crankcase, it may have had a pipe fitted like here:,2388.0.html   (,2388.0.html)
all the best, Rich
Title: Re: Breather?
Post by: bsa-bill on 13.03. 2010 18:32
Hi Alan - as Rich has said the breather exits at the back of the drive side crankcase, what you are looking at is the blanked off end of the breather gallery at the timing side, it goes from there up through the inner timing case ( via the timed breather on the end of the camshaft) and then across the back of the crankcase.
If you can get your mirror to look up from under the engine just to the drive side of the magneto you should spot it.

All the best - Bill
Title: Re: Breather?
Post by: alanp on 13.03. 2010 20:01
Thanks, I was worried for a while there!