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Title: Shipping bikes to the states?
Post by: bl**dydrivers on 14.03. 2010 04:52
Ok lets give it another try as Ive been timed out by being logged in for 10min only and when posting this it doesnt save it.

Anyways, I have decided to ship a bike to the states from my address in good old London town and need advice on the steps to take.

Do I need to register it in Uk?  Doesnt the bike need to be complete if in near completion inorder to register the bike through DVLA?
The bike is in bits and the previous owner was my father, but have no log book, registration and is all in bits.  Hasnt been running since mid 70s and parts have been accumulating and now would like to ship it, so I can start working on it and make it complete again.

Can I ship it as bike parts, instead of a complete bike?
Does the bike need to have a registration or anything inorder to ship it here?

What steps do I need to take?

Does anyone know of any good shipping companies and roughly how much it would cost?

Title: Re: Shipping bikes to the states?
Post by: RichardL on 14.03. 2010 07:10
bl**dydrivers (I suppose that's not your real given name),

How your bike gets registered is most likely dependent on the state (of the union) in which it will be registered. Irrefutable proof of ownership will probabaly get it registered in most states without presenting a completed bike, at least, it worked for me in Illinois. If you are going to do your own research for state regulations, you will find that some states do motor vehicle titles through the state-level (not national) "Secretary of State" office (as in Illinois). Others have "Department of Motor Vehicles" (as in California). There might be some other names for it, but this is good start. I don't mid helping you research the state regulations if you let me know what state.

Richard L.
Title: Re: Shipping bikes to the states?
Post by: bl**dydrivers on 15.03. 2010 13:50
manosound, thanks for the reply.

My real name is Tony and I live in Florida, I was thinking if theres away around having to register the bike to ship it here as It nowhere near completion and still looks like a basket case. Ive only been here for 3 years and dont know much about the laws here.

Thanks for any help