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Title: A10 tank Colour
Post by: farmboyuk on 18.06. 2007 17:31
I'm after having my tank on my 1952 Goldflash resprayed - currently its all black with no lines and only the GF badges for decal. Is this right? I've seen different examples on the web, but unsure what it should be. Does anyone have examples of how it should look so that I can give them to the sprayer.
Many Thanks
Title: Re: A10 tank Colour
Post by: Beezageezauk on 18.06. 2007 20:05
Your tank would have been chome plated with painted panels that had coachlines around them.

Go to the "Bikes and Pictures" section of this forum.  Check out all 3 pages and you will see what your fuel tank should look like.

You will have to search for the best shots but if you start at page 3 and work forward you will save a bit of time.