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Title: Charging System
Post by: cus on 25.03. 2010 09:44
G'day All,
I posted a while ago, about my battery running out while the bike sits for a few days. still haven't got to
the bottom of that one!, but it hasn't been a big deal, once the bike is started, it only takes a few minutes &
everything is working again, & after a few miles the battery is back to norm. But have got some weird goings on if the
bike is left for a day or two, & I turn on the light or activate the foot brake, I can hear the battery bubble, as soon as I
turn the light off it stops! So not really sure what's going on there, but certainly don't want an exploding battery between
my legs!!!! Charging system is standard 6v with DVR2 reg.

regards, Cus
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: Beezageezauk on 25.03. 2010 11:09
Hi Cus,

Could I suggest that you incorporate an isolation switch to the power side of your battery.  This way you can switch the battery off from the rest of your electrics and determine if you have a slight short circuit or not.

I have one on my bike but it was to stop kids messing on with the bike whilst parked up and giving me a flat battery.

Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: trevinoz on 25.03. 2010 20:49
          Try connecting a decent ammeter in your battery lead to see if there is any leakage.
Most digital multi meters have an ammeter function.
Initially set to 10 amps and progressively try lower settings.
It may be just a crook battery.
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: cus on 25.03. 2010 22:37
Thanks Trev,
I'll give that a go.
What about the bubbling batterry when I turn the lights
on with engine stopped, anyone know whats going on there!

Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: chaterlea25 on 25.03. 2010 23:36
Hi Cus,
The bubbling you can hear is due to an internal battery fault(intermittent break)
this is why the battery appears dead after a couple of days and comes to life so easily
It will only get worse so its time for a new battery!!!!!
John O r
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: cus on 26.03. 2010 01:39
Thanks John,
Battery was a 6 month old Yuasa, must have been faulty from the start,
I've been having problems for a while,

regards, Cus
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: chaterlea25 on 26.03. 2010 22:31
Hi Cus,
I have had repeated batteryfailures on my SR
I have tried several different makes and even a sealed one
My charging system is fine and not overcharging
I have the battery sitting on a thick soft rubber pad and not clamped solid to the frame
so vibrations should not affect it
the failures varied from one or two cells failing to complete open circuit of the battery
and one similar to your sizzling one!!!
John O R
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: Josh Cox on 27.03. 2010 10:14
You do not need to have lead acid batteries, unless you have a starter fitted to your bike.

I have a dry and sealed computer back up memory/home alarm battery, 12 Volt 7 AH inside the black rubber case. Works a treat.

Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 02.05. 2010 09:16
Modern batteries have plates that are 20% the thickness of the old rubber batteries.
As such they are substantially mechanically weaker.
I would seriously suggest buying 3 "Cyclone 2 Volt Spiral cells " and fitting them inside an old rubber case.
If you do not like to do it yourself then you can buy the same set up from Paul Geoff in the UK at a 100% mark up.
The spiral cell pressure valve regulated lead acid batteries are the only type that can take the vibrations that our dinosaurs generate.
Other than that get some anti vibration rubber matting and pack that around your battery to isolate it.

Never let the battery go dry and always use demineralised or distilled water.
The quest for ever lighter & cheaper batteries has turned what used to be the most reliable part to quite a frail one.
Modern batteries are designed to just last out the warrantee period.
Sealed cell batteries will take a lot more mechanical abuse that open call batteries but they are electrically frail and oft die if short circuited or explode if ovecharged so you need to check that your charging system is working properly before you fit one.
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: RichardL on 02.05. 2010 18:49
Despite your belief that your charging system is working fine, this really sounds like a mechanical regulator allowing overcharge. What type regulator do you have? If a Manortech DVR-2 electronic, then I,d suspect a wiring problem. There are some here who do well with mechanical regulators, but when multiple batteries are dying it usually traces to the regulator. With mechanical, maybe you get it right and maybe you don't. With the DVR-2 you basically eliminate the regulator as an issue. I think many others here will agree with me.

Richard L.   

Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: chaterlea25 on 03.05. 2010 22:58
Hi Richard
I am assuming that you are referring to me (charging system working fine!!)
I am running a Podtronic regulator, with this it will run happily without a battery, I have been using the bike without a battery for the last few months, it doesnt blow any bulbs and the brake light works away fine (no surging so!!)
I have fused both the field input and the dynamo output, overkill I know!!!!

I did a small turning job for a friend last week and he has arrived with a new gel battery fo me so I will fit it and see how long it lasts????

Just a small bit of backround info on Me, I have worked with all kinds of electrical and mechanical/instrumentation equipment in Power stations for over 30 years, from computer cards up to 110kv switchgear and transformers
not to mention battery back up systems!!

I am in clien to go with the belief that we are now being sold shite batteries !!!!

John O R
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: RichardL on 03.05. 2010 23:21

I knew you were no slouch, and my E.E. is mere tree trimming, if the comparison is to your power transmission background (I'm more about audio). "Nonetheless," he said cautiously, I was rather sure I had followed all the instructions properly when tuning my mechanical regulator, rechecking it after every fried cheap battery. Then, wonder of wonders, I stopped frying the same cheap batteries on changing to the DVR2. I guess some fools (like me) just need fool proof, because I could not afford to keep going through even $35 batteries while I mastered the fine art of cursing out my mechanical regulator.

Richard L.

Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: RichardL on 03.05. 2010 23:27
P.S. I know nought about the Podtronic. Could be the mystical cure for all that ails you, as far as I know.

Richard L.
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: chaterlea25 on 03.05. 2010 23:41
Hi Richard
The only use I have found for  old mechanical regs is slinging them at the neighbours dog when he comes to crap in my garden *smile* *smile* *smile*

Podtronic's are USA made I thought you might be patriotic in that respect!! LOL
Use what works and keeps your mind at rest!!

John O R
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: cus on 04.05. 2010 00:22
G'day John & Richard,
Richard was correct, it was a faulty battery, had like an intermittant
open cell which had me baffled for some time. New battery is a closed
unit type 13 amp, perfect dimensions for the carrier, & all works fine.
Thanks for the help.

regards, Cus
Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: RichardL on 04.05. 2010 00:30

I can take no credit. 'Twas John what pointed to the battery. If 'twere I, I would still point to your regulator as a possible reason your old one died and, also, the reason your new one dies. If it does.

Richard L.

Title: Re: Charging System
Post by: cus on 04.05. 2010 06:38
Sorry got the names the wrong way around, doesn't matter, both very helpful.
Richard I'm currently running a DV2 reg.

regards, Cus