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Title: External image hosting: not allowed, not welcome !
Post by: Caretaker on 26.03. 2010 20:14
(For general picture posting info, see

External image hosting services (photobucket, imageshack etc etc) = the scourge and malediction of any serious forum...

edit 07\2017: latest trouble, Photobucket killing all posted links >

General comment about pictures:
Uploading pictures to the forum (using 'Attach') is the only way pictures are accepted. It creates a clickable thumbnail. Thus pictures can not disappear from topics, as happens when people use links and then make changes to their photohosting, resulting in posts & topics becoming totally useless.

If for some -special- reason one may need to use some photohosting: #1 clickable thumbnails only #2 if no clickable thumbnails, www links only, no img tags. And then... never change your hosting setup or move\delete linked pictures (lol, 7 years later, you'll surely remember that...:O)

So, to recapitulate:
External image hosting: not allowed, not welcome !


Title: Re: External image hosting: not allowed, not welcome !
Post by: Caretaker on 09.07. 2017 14:51
Have been battling against the troubles of using photohosting sites to display pictures on the forum.

Latest development, Photobucket killing all hotlinking...

Even after doing lots of editing work to disable ext-hosting direct link(s), download the picture(s), and re-upload as forum attachment(s), there are still quite a lot of external hosted pictures spread around, and due to their 'blackmail' move, the remaining photobucket ones are starting to disapear from the forum, as not everyone is aware, or not willing to pay to keep links alive.

To avoid all the troubles and topics losing information\meaning, only pictures uploaded as forum attachments are allowed. Again urging everyone to never use any external hosting.

Anyone having posts here that contains photobucket stuff, first check if pictures are still showing, but in whatever case, please edit your post(s): download the photo(s), remove the [img] link(s), re-upload as forum attachment(s).

Title: Re: External image hosting: not allowed, not welcome !
Post by: duTch on 09.07. 2017 15:58

 So- in a high-tech/lowtech kinda way I'm in front *conf2* .... I never trusted the concept of Cloud or other Boxdrop storage (we don't always have a lot of cloud here, so seems pointless) can't even load stuff from my phone to the computer (Samsung>l Apple),  so I don't bother and just go to the (old) phones to find stuff and then bluetooth it when I need it- just like ready-made hard copy folders *smile*.

 Haven't had too many objections from Admins re- my pics posting, so thinking for a change I've saved myself a whole lot of grief... (?)
Title: Re: External image hosting: not allowed, not welcome !
Post by: Joolstacho on 10.07. 2017 06:59
I'd always assumed that 'exterior' hosting of forum images would be preferred because there is (presumably) finite space available to store them on the forum server.
Obviously that's wrong, would this apply to most forums, or what?
Has this just occurred because of the recent Photobucket fiasco? When I realised a few years ago that Photobucket were ripoff merchants I moved everything to Imageshack, -(functionally quite good BUT just slightly less of a ripoff!)

To me the problem with clouds is not that they make rain (water tanks up here), but more that people are relying on the cloud as their sole storage of their data. At least with photo hosting services you need to have an original stored on your local hard drive, so you can upload a copy. Cloud free? clear sky? Ok until they start charging you to access YOUR data.
That ripoff smell gets stronger every day doesn't it?
Title: Re: External image hosting: not allowed, not welcome !
Post by: Caretaker on 10.07. 2017 09:52
^^^ Theoretically it would be ok to have links to external hosting, in -practice over time- it creates havoc on any forum.

Apart from things like the Photobucket scam\extortion with millions of photos disapearing overnight all over the world, people don't remember where and when they have posted picture links in forums, then they do modifications in their photohosting -or change to another hosting or close their account = all of their posted photos disapear all over = destroying important information and making forum posts useless.

I hate this, specially on tech related forums where lots of the info, value and insight comes from photographic material.
Am seeing this photo disapearance on so many electronic \ tech \ mechanic forums I frequent, it's an internet catastrophy really.

As for storage on the forum, it's zero problem, -vast- amounts of space available (so far using 8GB (incl. some backups!) out of 125 GB available). Storage is very cheap these days.

The picture size restrictions is not about server storage, but relates to good size for viewing on screen + decent loading times for members\visitors, some are on dial-up\satellite\low speed mobile\metered with no access to 4G or fibre etc, 15 MB 6 x 4 meter large picture are -not- ideal in practice :O)

And making regular backups of everything (copies also available to other forum staff\moderators) so whatever happens the forum can be reinstated on any hosting\server in any part of the world at any time with pictures and content intact, secured for the future.

Using external picture hosting = sooner or later important content and information destroyed.

Title: Re: External image hosting: not allowed, not welcome !
Post by: Caretaker on 10.07. 2017 13:22
And to prove my point, see

 *problem*   *rant* 

(but I had 'saved' a couple of pictures by uploading them to the forum, anticipating trouble...)

So if you use Psychobucket (or any similar (dis)service), please edit older posts on the forum and fix your pictures by uploading to the forum as attachments. If not, someday, somehow, regularly, we'll loose many, many pictures here.

And for those dishing out $ 400\year for Extortionbucket hotlinking, for how many years will you continue paying...??

Title: Re: External image hosting: not allowed, not welcome !
Post by: Greybeard on 10.07. 2017 20:38
I've just edited my DGR tagline image so I'm not using Photofuckit anymore.  *wink2*