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Title: A7 / A10 Head question.
Post by: Josh Cox on 09.04. 2010 11:09
Gentleman and Orabanda,

Have a new set of stainless exhausts on my A10 Plunger ( from Armours ).

The RH header pipe "L" bracket appears to be about an inch too short to fit flush against the engine / frame on the centre bolt, as a short term fix a small U shaped piece of metal fills the gap.

Question, could someone who has both an A7 and A10 measure the distance between the exhaust ports to see if there is a difference.

I am thinking I was sent an A7 RH header if there is a difference ?.

Am having a welder insert and 25 odd mm piece in the "L" bracket to fix the problem
Title: Re: A7 / A10 Head question.
Post by: MG on 09.04. 2010 17:01

The distance on both my bikes is the same, but have to add that both are s'arm frames. Don't know if there's a difference to the plunger models.
The only difference is the distance between the straight portion that goes into the head and the L-bracket which is a bit shorter on the A7 (shorter cylinder barrels).

Cheers, Markus