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Title: can you name this frame?
Post by: 63a10r on 10.07. 2007 19:51
 this could be adream come true or a broken dream. i have wanted a rigid frame for my a 10 sr for long time but have not found the right one. til now. this frame has the tranny mounted behind the central down tube, harley style. i have seen a few custom pre unit triumphs with this configuraion as well as some rigids that mount the whole pre unit drive train in front of the tube. is this standard practice for triumph frames. if so, has anyone ever put a pre unit a10 in a rigid triumph frame?
 (the bike pictured here was never built. a shame.)
dont forget to click on the photo to enlarge it
Title: Re: can you name this frame?
Post by: fido on 11.07. 2007 07:34
I suppose if the standard swinging arm primary chaincase is too short to get enough clearance round the tube you could fabricate a custom case. This would be easier if you were using belt primary drive as you would not need to provide an oil bath.
Title: Re: can you name this frame?
Post by: 63a10r on 11.07. 2007 23:09
there is an a10 belt drive on ebay right now as a matter of fact. i guess im gonna have to commision a frame, to get what i want. that bike sure would have been pretty, tho. i wonder why bsa never built a rigid frame for a10 pre units? surely the racing crowd had a use. id still like to know what kind of frame that is in the photo.
Title: Re: can you name this frame?
Post by: fido on 12.07. 2007 06:48
What about a rigid B31 frame? That model did not have the bolt on gearbox so it should take the A10 swinging arm engine and 'box.
Title: Re: can you name this frame?
Post by: G/F DAVE on 12.07. 2007 14:48
Hi I reckon a B31 frame could do the job. Also a BSA M20  rigid frame. I tried a set of A10 cases into my M20 frame during a recent rebuild, I left the M20 gearbox & plates in situ dropped in a set of bare A10 cases also a set of barrels & head & r/box, there was plenty of clearance between r/box & frame top tube I even fitted on the M20 standard tank. Also there was clearance for the dynamo. You could even use M20 chaincases as these are steel and would be easy to modify. I,m sure I  have seen a photo of a german A10 using a M20 rolling chassis, with a bit of work this this would be a nice looking machine. I always fancied a rigid A10 but don,t like the look of custom made frames. I,m not sure about frame in photo but could be a rigid Triumph pre-unit!! all the best Dave
Title: Re: can you name this frame?
Post by: 63a10r on 13.07. 2007 00:27
i appreciate your help, folks. this thing is gonna happen, very soon. i will post updates on my photobucket account. meanwhile, here is another idea i had that proved to be more trouble than it was worth, considering the shape this frame was to go into.