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Title: A7 Super rocket now running easily
Post by: steve c on 21.04. 2010 21:10
A7 Super rocket now running easily, Now I know about air levers not being chokes, no smoke and idles well,

My old clutch adaptor didn't suit the new sprocket and centre, ( I had one new wrongly machined sprocket that wouldn't assemble, and one that was rubbed swapped by Mike at lyford classics ) he sold me a new adaptor at a reduced rate after checking his stock wasn't at fault with all my bits old and new. Very helpful. I can't recommend Lyford classics enough very knowledgeable and trying to get the best engineering result and parts available.

The upshot being that the original clutch would have been OK if ( bsa hadn't kept changing the spec with a dismal diagram, and lots of very similar but incompatible parts, and dodgy remades )

1) Been sold the right springs ( originals too short ) Slipped like mad. By another dealer
2) Had realised it was complete and hadn't put to many plates in was a three or four plate sprocket. Rode over the basket, Had never worked for my friend.
3) Hadn't got 2 dodgy sprockets that would not accept my surflex plates and move at the same time. getting me to buy a new centre that bound my old adapter . It will do somebody a good turn
4) No complete clutches available due to an adaptor shortage, hence reusing a non compatible old one

I doubt that my first magneto was playing up much , ( but will have a spare soon )

rebuilt the gearbox pawl with old bits , works fine, engages far better than pattern, the teeth aren't right on the re pros, the brass  bush was much yellower and softer, gearbox was full off brass dust.
Put the original 50 year old one back in, a much lighter yellow.
Apparently these are now made in stainless to avoid this.

Oh and having a two week ms relapse with double vision and fatigue stopping me from finishing it. Steroids are marvellous so temporary superman so got it done.
First ride with a clutch tomorrow, how the hell did I get it to the MOT last year . Thanks for all  your help and suggestions I have learned loads

best regards
Title: Re: A7 Super rocket now running easily
Post by: muskrat on 21.04. 2010 21:55
Good one Steve, many happy miles lay ahead.
Title: Re: A7 Super rocket now running easily
Post by: MG on 22.04. 2010 08:07
Congratulations, good to hear you got it sorted.
Title: Re: A7 Super rocket now running easily
Post by: tombeau on 22.04. 2010 08:26
Yeah. Well done.
It can all be pretty frustrating cant it.
Title: Re: A7 Super rocket now running easily
Post by: dpaddock on 22.04. 2010 14:55
A7 Super Rocket? Have I missed something?

Title: Re: A7 Super rocket now running easily
Post by: steve c on 22.04. 2010 19:54
In 1960 It started life as an a7 500, the last owner took the casings out with a catastrophic a big end failure, found most of a super rocket for £35 in 1974 , Unfortunately John never got around to finishing it where I come in when he moved to Crete and emptied his damp shed of the half built seized wreck.
Now has a 61 super rocket engine, 8 inch TLS, manual mag, rgs exhaust, and nacelle ( missing when I got it ) and enclosed chain guard ( missing when I got it ) all available on request for super rocket . With the excepton of the TLS which was repatriated from the states by me via ebay, still have the superocket brake plate.
bearing in the frames are stamped a7 on all of them, ( I could have easily re registered it as super rocket but I prefer to keep the history) its far more genuine super rocket than most super rockets and RGS reps

Folk go a bit daft over stampings and frame numbers then build bikes out of shiny tat and pattern parts,

Title: Re: A7 Super rocket now running easily (just been for a run)
Post by: steve c on 25.04. 2010 11:37
Been out on it brilliant,

Quite a knack to finding neutral, you cant hurry it, pulls like a train, the smiths chronometric speedo is so superior to the magnetic ones so smooth.

Nearly ridden off the road by an idiot in a range rover.The Bzeer would make a size able dent in it.

Can't play anymore as the primary chain has gone tight so need to adjust it,

The rocker box is dripping I assembled it with grease and homemade gaskets, as didn't use gasket seal as I ripped about 4 sets of gaskets and just couldn't get it together and at £8 a set plus post and vat it was getting dear.

Overall very very pleased, got to change the hand grips even though new as one split immediately on use, got some barrel ones and an old used stadium bar end mirror to fit ,

Can you get new mirror inserts as slightly degraded?

Got some front crash bars to fit but need make top brackets, might need a pic of someones top bracket they are Lyle brand and ancient.

Should be able to play more later, taking my lambretta 200 out now ( snagging that as well blocked exhaust or grit in carb.) that was was built from rough used parts last year.

Double result cleaned carb on lambretta and that's running well also.slight bogging so need to swap the exhaust over on that or could be a fast flow full tap flooding slightly. I have a choice of mounts for any  beach side altercations at Brighton. Excellent.

So will do both

thanks for help