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Title: Kickstart lever position
Post by: RichardL on 29.04. 2010 14:20

There is a bitsa/custom "Rocket Gold Star" on the cover of Issue 227 of Classic Bike Guide (a very interesting article for all here, I should think). Anyway, on this bike the kickstart lever is at approximately the 12:30 position. Mine and, I think, most others are at the 11:00 position. I am wondering if this more clockise starting position provides better leverage by completing the kick before the knee is fully extended. It's not something that is particularly easy to test, as the gearbox cover must come off to rotate the driving "star" (I'm on a train right now and can't source the accurate part name).

Any thoughts?

Richard L.
Title: Re: Kickstart lever positio
Post by: MikeN on 29.04. 2010 15:42
I havent seen the pic, but the reason you have the kickstart in that position is so that it doesnt dig into your shin when using clip-on handlebars and rear footrests .
There is a special kickstart shaft/pinion available to do this. I bought mine from Lyford Classics. It is slightly different from the standard one (touring position). You cant just do it by moving the quadrant round on the spline because it goes round too far and ends up (from memory) at about 2 oclock and looks a bit silly.
Title: Re: Kickstart lever position
Post by: RichardL on 29.04. 2010 16:17

It seems you may have nailed the situation. I am not showing the pictures due to copyright issues.

The question remains, even if it is café-custom, do you think the leverage for kicking is better?

Richard L.
Title: Re: Kickstart lever position
Post by: groily on 29.04. 2010 18:57
Having one shin-busting bike in the shed which has a starter whose travel starts at somewhere hours forward of noon, I'd say NO. Ought to be started on the centre stand it hasn't got, as can't hold it straight otherwise, and is a bit of a liability on the side stand for the obvious reason that all the starting force tries to pull it vertical and make it fall the other way. And drive a footpeg or so into your other, left, leg.
Of course, BSA didn't help by not offering a splined shaft, preferring bicycle technology . . . hence the necessity of acquiring one that's suitable for cafe-racers of the marque. Decent splines give endless variability, but I have never noticed any advantage on anything just as a result of the angle of dangle, and I prefer 11 O'Clock every time.
'Sfunny how different makes looked at these things so differently. Infinitely adjustable foot-rests, yes at BSA - but the k'start - apparently not; vice-versa in some other places, so pedal discomfort guaranteed. Vive la différence.
Title: Re: Kickstart lever position
Post by: tombeau on 29.04. 2010 19:34
Mike is right,
I had one on my A10 when I got it, it was for comfort with rearsets(hah!)

To use it, you have to bring your foot quite far forward (this can involve climbing up the tank), to get  it on the lever, and push it backwards with your foot, until it is at the point where you can can kick on it.

I know its not that fiddly, but if the bike should decide to become difficult to start...combined with a folding kickstart lever that folds back in with every unsuccessful kick, a kickstart rubber that keeps trying to come off the shaft, belstaff overtrousers which keep trying to eat the kickstart, heavy rain, rucksack, and a hangover................ Oh the joys of motorcycling!
Title: Re: Kickstart lever position
Post by: muskrat on 29.04. 2010 20:32
G'day all,
            when i put a kickstart lever on the cafe it was very awkward to change gear. I didn't know of the alternative shaft so moved the quad on the spline. Very hard to kick. So my solution was to grind the quad where it meets the stop pin to allow the lever to return further forward, but still take up in the original position.
 A friend is working on a splined shaft for our A's at the moment. He already has one for the 65's, but it will alter the take up position when you alter the lever position.
 Mike, can you remember the part # for the special ? Would be handy for when/if mine goes belly up.
Title: Re: Kickstart lever position
Post by: MikeN on 29.04. 2010 20:43
 From "Lyford Classic Services" catalogue  :-  RGS Clubman & Goldstar kickstart quadrant complete  part no. 42-3163  Lyfords part no.   LCS9069.
By the way.i dont think Lyfords get enough publicity.They are very nice people to deal with and when i was building up my A10 in 2007 they were often had the best prices (there was no VAT to pay although this may have changed now). Good quality and quick delivery.
  Also,Apparently the chrome RGS mudguards they sell are made on the original tooling.good chrome too.