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Title: a7 ss tank
Post by: mikethebrush on 11.06. 2010 12:14
Ive been reading through the parts list at draganfly and note that the ss is listed as having a large round badge tank, I seem to remember this coming up before but I wasnt worried as I liked the pear shaped badge

these days I like the goldies and rgs plus the older bikes that have the round badge, the bikes a 59 and if its supposed to be round badge I will source one and if its meant to be pear shaped I will have this one refurbed in time

I dont want to spend money on this tank if its not the original spec and then have to pay an arm and a leg later on for a round badged tank

I like the idea of a round badge as its in keeping with the other sports bikes
Title: Re: a7 ss tank
Post by: spanersc on 11.06. 2010 13:54
Hi Mike.
I believe that the 'pear badge' tank came out for the 1960 model year (GA7 frame number prefix from sept59 onwards ) these were fitted across the range but I believe that the pear badges fitted to the shooting-star models had a black background as opposed to the more common red type. The exact change over points are always a bit vague possible dependant on what was left in stock. Somebody will no doubt correct this if they know better. Thanks, Peter
Title: Re: a7 ss tank
Post by: mikethebrush on 11.06. 2010 14:24
thanks Peter

the bikes registereed in dec 59 and does look like a 60 spec, it is the black badge so that would be correct then

cheers Mike