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Title: Back from France
Post by: unclemeat on 24.08. 2007 17:28
(See 'Golden Flash Finished' in PICS)
Well...made it back from France. The bike ran great with absolutely no problems over 1600 miles in total. The only thing that happened was a loose horn mounting nut, probably from using it constantly while travelling through Paris !! The weather was great, really hot in fact and the French people are very friendly. Amazed at how smooth the engine was on the journey, burnt a little oil though. The saddle was comfy too - no sore idiot ! just a little white knuckle from the vibration. Planning a longer journey for next time, Egypt perhaps ?!

(tried to add pics but files too large - how can i make them smaller on mac. Havn't got compression software).
Title: Re: Back from France
Post by: a10gf on 24.08. 2007 20:06
Good to hear your trip was a success, looking forward to pics and story, I have also spent much time in France. There must be many picture programs available for the mac, probably some free or bundled with the mac. Check with a friend who uses mac, or with the dealer. You just need to do a resize and save them again under a new name, size around 800 x 600 is fine for forum use. Alt, I'll give you an email address and you send me the big files and I'll get them posted.

Title: Re: Back from France
Post by: unclemeat on 19.09. 2007 11:16
ok got some pics now..
Title: Re: Back from France
Post by: LJ. on 19.09. 2007 14:15

Nice Pictures.... Thanks Uncle! Interesting to see the rear pannier racks on the A10 which normally one would see on an M20 or M21. The webbing packs look good too, I used these before I got my cravens which I thought looked good on my A10... Dunno about the German gas mask cannister though.... I think that looks a little out of place!  *smile*

Title: Re: Back from France
Post by: unclemeat on 20.09. 2007 17:17
Thanks for the offer of help Erling. I obviously sorted it out after a little investigation in my menu's.
LJ.. those panniers were a bit awkward to fit to that home made rear rack but it all went together in the end. Never needed the gas mask !!