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Title: Gearbox issue
Post by: gold33 on 01.07. 2010 05:04
Just been for a short ride and noticed a couple of issues I've not had before.
When I started the bike this morning I couldn't find first gear easily, I went via a change to second, never had a problem before. I put it back into neutral then to first, no problem the second time but it didn't have the normal very light clunk... in fact no sound at all.
Went for a short ride, 5-8 mile no problem, re-started, first was found on the first try but felt vague. Another 5 miles and stop.
This time when starting I gave 1 kick, fired but stalled immediately, went for second kick and found I was now in gear?
Changed to neutral fired up and away, nice light clunk is back... What happened? Do I strip down the box to see or ride home and see how it goes?
I don't have any trouble changing to neutral either at idle or while rolling so clutch seems ok.
Title: Re: Gearbox issue
Post by: muskrat on 01.07. 2010 10:56
G'day Darren,
                      Bl**dy plunger boxes. A bit hit and miss, just like mine. After 20 odd years of trouble free changes it's doing the same. I've changed the claw and now the camplate (polished the sides for a smoother detent). Sometimes it feels like it's not throwing far enough. I'm starting to think of play in the gear lever spindle bushes along with 60 years of wear in everything else. Testing work tomorrow, will let you know.
Title: Re: Gearbox issue
Post by: muskrat on 02.07. 2010 21:42
OK I think I have worked out my problem, similar to yours Darren.
At first my trouble was going from 2nd to 3rd and now and then to 4th. I tried a few things, new cam plate and claw to no avail. I did find that omitting the gasket between case and inner cover helped a little. To cut a long story short, on the last strip ( done a few now) I swapped the forks around. Now I'm having trouble just like yours. So it has to be the fork is bent. It was not obvious by eye but must be just enough to upset the apple cart.
I have done a google on the part # 67-3204 and only found 2, Hawkshaw and Len Haggis in UK. Does anyone here (Oz) have a spare I could buy or borrow to test my thoughts ? Same part in semi and pre unit boxes.
Now pushed aside while I try to seal the rocker box on the cafe.
Title: Re: Gearbox issue
Post by: trevinoz on 03.07. 2010 01:48
            I've got a spare you could borrow.
I don't know how good it is as all the others are inside gearboxes.
Title: Re: Gearbox issue
Post by: muskrat on 03.07. 2010 02:14
That would be great mate. I'll email you.
Title: Re: Gearbox issue
Post by: gold33 on 03.07. 2010 04:48
Thanks Musky,

Looking forward to the results.
Looks like another item to add to the list of new parts required...
I have had an occasional false neutral between 2nd and 3rd recently but put it down to operator error.