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Title: removing speedo drive
Post by: Russ on 15.07. 2010 08:24
I want to remove the speedo drive from my gearbox.   I assume I have to remove the gearbox cover to get it out from the inside. Gear box is not attached to motor, it's sitting on the bench, but from what I have read I need to have it in neutral for the cover to come off. That's the problem. The gear lever shaft won't turn so I can't get it into neutral.
This is an A10 I bought in bits so can't say what condition the gearbox is in.  Can anyone help?

Title: Re: removing speedo drive
Post by: bsa-bill on 15.07. 2010 08:48
You need to have the box in neutral when you put it back together Russ but that's easy to do, you can take the cover off without it being in neutral.
You need to stop the kick start lever from spinning forward when you take off the cover, do this by using the clutch lever to stop it turning forward ( turn clutch lever outward from the box while holding the kick start lever back, then let the kick start lever  come forward and rest upon the clutch lever as you remove the cover.
Do you have a manual of any type?

Ask again if you need to
Title: Re: removing speedo drive
Post by: muskrat on 15.07. 2010 08:49
G'day Russ,
                   it doesn't have to be in neutral to take the outer cover off. Leave the gear and kick levers on. Take the inspection plate off first and when removing the cover ( holding the kick lever as it will want to spin clockwise ) the clutch arm can come across to hold the kickstart lever. The screw in the outer cover just above the bottom right nut has to come out to remove the speedo shaft.
Bill beat me again !!
Title: Re: removing speedo drive
Post by: RichardL on 15.07. 2010 11:58

If you are talking about the layshaft speedo drive gear, you might be interested in my own tale of woe in this regard. Take a look at:,2242.0.html

Removing the layshaft speedo drive gear from the end of the layshaft has some twists and turns to it (literally and figuratively). Even after the retaining pin is removed, the gear is likely to be difficult to extract from the shaft. My own approach was dictated by the gearbox being in the bike, and probably a bit too much brute force, so I think you will have an easier time of it.

If you need a new drive gear of the larger diameter as shown in photos at the link, I would love for you to take it off my hands at a fair price. The larger gear is from an RRT2 gearbox, as I understand it.

Richard L

Title: Re: removing speedo drive
Post by: Russ on 15.07. 2010 13:23
Thanks Guys.
Yes I have service sheets manuals etc. Just haven't read them in great detail yet but that is where I gained the mis-information about it having to be in neutral for the cover to come off. That is at the point where I stopped hitting it.
Followed Richard's link and found plenty of helpful info and photo's which, along with you advise, surely nothing can go wrong now.l
I will do some more reading and have a fair dinkum go on Sunday. If I still fail you can be sure I'll be back for more help.   
Thanks  Russ