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Title: links - insert url\link info
Post by: a10gf on 29.09. 2007 14:18
http:// and www. will work directly. To make a short version of a long link click Insert Hyperlink, right above the smiling smiley :O)

A little work, but very easy once you see the system behind it:

[*url=http://somesite]your description[/url]
* is there only to show the tag without it executing, do not type it, line starts with [url

So.. click Insert Hyperlink, after the first [url add = , paste the link, then add your description between ] and [

Here is a demo:;topic=715.0;attach=1583;image
A10 (;topic=715.0;attach=1583;image)
Title: Re: links - insert url info
Post by: fido on 30.09. 2007 07:37
Thanks for that. Are the brackets etc typed in manually or is there an icon in the menu for this?
Title: Re: links - insert url info
Post by: LJ. on 30.09. 2007 10:02
 ??? I think I'll stick to motorbikes!  *conf* Actually I *just* get what your saying... I think there is a TinyURL website somewhere that makes it all the more easier.

Note: Yes here it is...
Title: Re: links - insert url info
Post by: a10gf on 30.09. 2007 12:26
Have not figured out a way to do it without typing some commands.

One can use the "Insert Hyperlink" button to start with, then add the needed information. It's easy really, after clicking the insert hyperlink, type = , paste in the link, write your description word, as demonstrated in the first post. Anyway, it's just to show there is an alternative to 1\2 meter long adresses.

Thanks for the link, works very well.