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Title: The 1940s Weekend!
Post by: LJ. on 23.08. 2010 11:22
Well I've just had a fantastic weekend at the Ramsey 1940s.

Ramsey is a little village with a wartime aerodrome (RAF Upwood) in the county of Cambridgeshire UK, and for the last few years had held a sort of re enactment weekend. There were dozens of old cars, lorries, bikes etc and people dressed in 1940s clothing. I entered this taking the A7 outfit on the Saturday with my youngest travelling in style. Sunday I took my M21. Weather was good with some very interesting bikes there. Outside singing and dancing... Here's a few pictures just to capture the flavour, don't know how the swinging arm A10 got in but was a stunning machine never the less.
Title: Re: The 1940s Weekend!
Post by: lawnmowerman on 23.08. 2010 11:54
Those re-enactment weekends are great - I went to one at Paddock Wood in Kent last month. A friend of mine who lives in Ireland bought a tank to add to his collection - can't wait to visit him and have a drive!
The seat on that A10 looks comfortable - is it from a later unit construction model? The silencer looks interesting too - similar to the standard goldie but kind of offset.

Title: Re: The 1940s Weekend!
Post by: tombeau on 23.08. 2010 11:57
"Looks comfortable" How very diplomatic *smile*
Title: Re: The 1940s Weekend!
Post by: bonny on 23.08. 2010 13:38
it looks like great fun it has to be said  *smile*