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Title: How much she weigh?
Post by: muskrat on 10.09. 2010 21:45
G'day all,
              While at the pub the other day one of the lookers (gets more than the $60K HD's) asked how much does she weigh. The wife slapped him ! *smile* Oh the bike, sorry.
I had never done it, even when in race trim. So I bought another set of digital scales the same as the wife's. I don't use them, been the same 12 1/2 stone since 16.
Pushed the cafe up onto them, one under each wheel and balanced it. Added together came up with 388 Lb. That was full of fuel and oil. Then looked up Bacon's book. It said a RGS weighs 418 Lb. Would that be dry or wet?
Now to get it dyno'd to get a power to weight ratio.
Title: Re: How much she weigh?
Post by: Mark Parker on 11.09. 2010 15:02
Bike looks great, that is pretty light.