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Title: magneto specs
Post by: mark on 16.09. 2010 08:44
Can anyone help with the correct specifications for a K2F on an early (12/54) 1955 Road Rocket. I am having one reco'd and would like to know the following. 1- Type of end cap. 2- Type of pickup ie clip or screw, angled or vertical. 3- Is there a specific model number on the ID plate. It will be manual advance.
Title: Re: magneto specs
Post by: trevinoz on 17.09. 2010 02:10
             The magneto type is 42263.
Pick-ups are 459190 which are the hexagon type so that you can angle the leads to suit.
The rear will angle out to clear the drip tray but the front will have to be vertical to clear the advance cable.
End cap is the Bakelite one with the cut-out wire fitted through a Bakelite nut. Clip on.
Hope this helps.