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Title: Tank Fittings
Post by: Duncan R on 22.09. 2010 20:27
I noticed that my tank does not have any mountings for the tank strap. How difficut would it be to get 2 thread bosses wealded/brazed on, what with welding and used petrol tanks being a bit on the dangerous side?

Can anyone reccomend what material to use for the lagging(?) that is on the main frame tube that the tank sits on, I have some really old material on there that seems to have gone rock hard so the tank does not squish down on it , this makes getting the central bolt to locate very diificult.

Grateful for your time
Title: Re: Tank Fittings
Post by: bsa-bill on 22.09. 2010 20:36
you can buy the rubber pads new from traders (Draganfly, C&D, and others) also rubber blocks for A65/50 will sit on the tube but are a bit high (could be cut down)

bit of conveyor belting also will do

fasten down with cable ties but make sure the ratchet bit is well underneath and won't rub on the tank, nothing wears metal better then plastic
Title: Re: Tank Fittings
Post by: Duncan R on 22.09. 2010 20:40
Many thanks Bill
Title: Re: Tank Fittings
Post by: trevinoz on 22.09. 2010 21:49
                  I use air conditioning pipe lagging for the rubber padding, you have probably seen it about. It is foam rubber of some description and available in many sizes. I just tape it on with duct tape.
You will have to get the strap fittings on.
An easy way to clear the tank of petrol is to fit a hose to the exhaust pipe of your car and stick the other end into the tank and start the car. Let it run for a while and all of the fuel will be gone.
Steam is another way.
Title: Re: Tank Fittings
Post by: Beezageezauk on 22.09. 2010 22:09
Hi Duncan,

If you want to get some of the A50/A65 rubber blocks that bsa-bill mentions I can supply the templates so that you can cut them to shape.  It's easy to do but you will need an angle grinder with a cutting disc fitted and some eye protection.

The inside diameters are correct.  It's only the outer profiles to modify.

Title: Re: Tank Fittings
Post by: Duncan R on 26.09. 2010 21:06
Thanks all,

I used the pipe lagging as suggested by Trev (I have a plumbing shop just round the corner) Tank bolts up nicely now. Just need to get the studs for the cross strap done now.
Title: Re: Tank Fittings
Post by: Goldy on 27.09. 2010 17:33
Any reputable welder will be able to weld the studs on, but they will want it steam cleaned first, not just a quick clean but left running through for quite some time. The studs and underside strap plate are important because they prevent the tank from flexing top to bottom because of it's shape.