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Title: magneto type
Post by: andy2565 on 10.10. 2010 18:22
which type of k2f mag would be fitted to a 1960 spitfire,would it have bolt on pickups,screwed on end cap,or was it the competition mag ?
Title: Re: magneto type
Post by: chaterlea25 on 10.10. 2010 21:08
Hi Andy,
I dont know the spec for the mag you require BUT!!!
Make sure that the mag you aquire has a chamfer along the body  and that the end cover has the manual advance housing that is out of the way from fouling the BSA crankcase
You will see mags advertised as fitting all BSA/Triumph/Norton   they wont *ex* *ex*

JOhn O R
Title: Re: magneto type
Post by: Taffy on 11.10. 2010 20:53
would be a standard k2f, clip on ht leads manual a/r black plastic cap
Title: Re: magneto type
Post by: trevinoz on 11.10. 2010 21:35
              The Lucas parts book does not have a specific magneto listed for the Spitfire.
However it does list the type for the other A10s.
It would be pretty safe to say that the Spitfire used the same magneto as the Rocket which was, in 1960, 42380A.
This has a screw on end cap, clip on pick ups, the same each side which is the hexagon universal type. Manual advance.

              I have to disagree with you whether magnetos from other makes will fit.
Way back when I didn't know about chamfered bodies I fitted a magneto from a Triumph which is the type with the larger square "competition" points housing. I had no clearance problems.
This was on a swinging arm engine. I have never tried fitting other types to a plunger/rigid engine.
Title: Re: magneto type
Post by: chaterlea25 on 11.10. 2010 21:52
Hi Trevor,
I'm not sure if ALL K2F's have a chamfered body ???
or if all the ones I have originated on BSA's????
I must have a closer look at some other bikes with K2F's
Theres a couple in the shed at the moment Triumph and Ariel, also I think I have a mag from a Dommy on a shelf??

For sure A BTH mag needs considerable chopping to be made fit a swingarm A engine
see post,,1385.0.html

This is where my thoughts originated????

Title: Re: magneto type
Post by: Taffy on 11.10. 2010 22:31
I always liked spitfires but never really figured out why a K2Fc wasn't used as a standard fitment. Did any A10s use comp mags as standard ?
Title: Re: magneto type
Post by: andy2565 on 12.10. 2010 09:08
i think the only difference between the competition and standard was the screw on pickups and no manual advance,not sure about the chamfer but i guess it may apply to the plunger,i know the later twins had the screw on cap,but wasn't sure when it changed over from the bakerlight cap,cheers andy
Title: Re: magneto type
Post by: trevinoz on 12.10. 2010 21:53
G'day John,
                      My RGS has a K2FC fitted at the moment but the bike is not running, it is languishing in the shed waiting its turn to be restored [again].
The magneto has screw on pick ups and screw on end cap and manual advance.
Last but not least, it has a RED tag!
It is not the original magy but one I had lying around so I thought I would try it.
The BSA magys definitely had chamfered bodies but as far as I know, nobody else used them.
Title: Re: magneto type
Post by: chaterlea25 on 13.10. 2010 22:38
Hi Trevor,
I had a look at the mag on the T100 engined Triton thats next for attention in the shed
Its been built up over several years and now is nearing completion (it belongs to a friend of mine)
The mag is the earlier?? K2F with a bakelite end cap, this does not have a chamfer on the body
BUT I had this mag on my brothers SR when his was giving trouble *ex* *ex* *ex*
It looks like that the mag body has a different girth ???? ???? to the screw on end cover type
John O R