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Title: My maiden ride!
Post by: redbeeza on 12.01. 2011 17:30
At last I've ridden the Super Rocket!  After 3 years and 8 months of ownership, rebuilding, and fault finding, today I took my maiden ride to the MOT station six miles away, up on Nocton Heath. *smile*

I haven't ridden a motorcycle for 17 years.  I've never ridden a British bike or a bike with righthand side gearchange and lefthand side foot brake, no indicators and no mirrors.  I live on a very busy road near a city centre.  And it was raining.  Man, that was a hairy ride!  But I got there and the thing passed the MOT!  Just need a tax disc now and I'm 'on the road'.

After pulling away from my house I instantly forgot what side the gear-lever was on and reverted instinctively to right foot braking, despite the 17 year lay-off.  The bike seemed to pull OK and traveled in a straight line when it was supposed to, but I really struggled with pulling up at traffic lights, I wanted to put the wrong foot on the floor and the braking quality is really scary.  I left a huge gap between me and the vehicle in front to allow myself time to remember which foot to brake with!

It was really exhilarating though on the open road, despite the rain and the crosswind and my soaking wet feet.  I took it pretty easy though and managed to miss all of the worst pot-holes.  Until I got to the garage for the MOT which was all potholes.  I bounced through one and stalled the engine. *eek*

I had half an hour to drip dry in the garage reception before the newly tested bike was wheeled out.  I even managed to start it first time in front of the onlookers, hurrah!

It stopped raining for the ride home which was a welcome bonus.  I'm really pleased, I didn't think this day would ever come.  I hope this message helps to spur on you other guys who've got half-built machines.

I think I'd better get a mirror though, and maybe some indicators..

Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: A10Boy on 12.01. 2011 17:44
Well done !! Congratulations  *smile*

You will get used to the gearchange but it could take a while. I am used to both RH and LH changes now and can ride Brit and japanese on the same day without thinking about it.

When you try using the bike on a dual carriageway or motorway, a mirror is a MUST HAVE, you will struggle without indicators too, I fitted some to my AJS recently and it makes a lot of difference. The A10 will be next. You can get some nice ones from Goffy on he has various types that will nicely fit the style of the SR and will supply a kit complete with switches and 6v bulbs if needed.


Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: LJ. on 12.01. 2011 18:09
What a fantastic read! Well done Terry, just reading it made me feel good. Now you'll enjoy the trip to the post office for that 'Free' Tax disc.
Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: sinbad on 12.01. 2011 18:18
 *smile*Well with the rain and cross wind,the brakes traffic, It can only get better sounds like you enjoyed it anyway Terry great feeling.Good luck Rod.
Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: muskrat on 12.01. 2011 19:02
Great news Terry, congrats. Makes it all worth while.
Brings back memories of my first ride on the '51. Sailing across two lanes of traffic stomping hard on the right lever wondering when she was going to stop. Now I have 3 different combos "fun"
Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: bsa-bill on 12.01. 2011 19:30
Well done Terry, 3 years  - well you beat me by four and I'm not quite there yet
Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: Beezageezauk on 12.01. 2011 20:11
Yes Terry, congratulations from me too. 

You now know what a great sense of acheivement it is to get a bike up and running for the first time.  But never to have ridden a BSA (or any bike with the controls on the correct side) must be even more satisfying.  Then to get it through it's MOT Test the 1st time.'ll be headed for the moon next.  Well, you did say it was a Super Rocket didn't you!!

Use it as much as you can and measure your enjoyment as Smiles per Miles.

Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: rocket man on 14.01. 2011 23:50
well done i can remember when i rode my super rocket the first time it was a good feeling but i got use to
using the brake lever and got on the harley and forgot which side the gear lever was on and pressed the
brake and my back wheel skidded very scary but im use to it now

Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: NickSR on 18.01. 2011 21:59
Hi Terry

It was good to see you for a chat and show me your Super Rocket (Guys Terry has made a great job of it).

Good to hear that it passed its MOT with no problems.

Keep in touch.

Title: Re: My maiden ride!
Post by: taroha10 on 19.01. 2011 23:19
Congratulations  Terry,
I bought my Super Rocket back this summer.My first proper ride was to the MOT but not so good.
The guy I bought it off had himself bought it off someone who wanted to sell it as he was going abroad.I think he liked to sound of a british bike but really didn't know much about them.He left me to get it going which I finally did after alot of tinkering.I rode it up and down his bumpy drive and took a chance on it.
I trailered it home and did the minimum to get it on the road for the mot.(cleaned out carb, changed plugs etc.)
However,riding it to the test was not pleasent.I really thought i'd bought a wreck.As I've had two iron head A10s both with auto advance units I played with the leaver a bit. It seemed to run better  with the leaver retarded.Anyway when I got home (with new mot,yippee) I checked the timing.Ok I should have maybe done this already but it was amazing it ran at all.
Now the good bit.Timing sorted,started first kick.It's lovley.
Unfortunately havn't ridden since before christmas but have been desperate to go out. Hopefully this weekend!!!
Cheers to you all.