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Title: Dremel
Post by: bsa-bill on 25.01. 2011 09:42
Ok  I require some opinions regarding Dremel
My Local DIY has an offer on the 300, I see though there is a 4000, it is more powerful I think also they make quite a range of cordless ones

Have any of you got experience of using any of the models (course you have), thoughts/advice more than welcome as I can see some work for one coming up.
Being half Scot I like value for money but not to the point of regretting a purchase because it was found wanting but cheap at the time.

Cordless stuff is great but needs a bit of planning to get battery and charging co - ordinated  and I'm thinking probably with a Dremel the power of mains is preferable

Anyway your thought appreciated
Title: Re: Dremel
Post by: Flatboy 1950 on 30.01. 2011 16:38
Hi , I have a Dremel that is about 20 years old , Flexitool , with the flexible cable drive , 220volt , 25,000 rpm Model 23201.
I have used it for countless jobs , grinding , polishing & with various cutters and even as a tool post grinder in my lathe & has never given a moments bother. I have found the flexible cable with the collet chuck on the end to be extremely useful in getting into smallish , odd places.
Don't know about modern model numbers , but this vintage job really suits me.

Regards , Flatboy.
Title: Re: Dremel
Post by: bsa-bill on 30.01. 2011 17:34
Thanks Flatbot 1950 - I'll google the model and get some spec to compare with present models
Title: Re: Dremel
Post by: A10Boy on 02.02. 2011 13:28
Bill, I think his name was Flatboy not flatbot, unless he rides a rigid of course
Title: Re: Dremel
Post by: bsa-bill on 02.02. 2011 15:22
Oops - my apologies Flatboy, should have gone to Specsavers ( actually I did )

I did Google the model number but got no info

Sorry once again