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Title: engine out
Post by: ageing biker on 26.01. 2011 16:30
hope to take engine out in next day or two, does rockerbox and/or head have to come off first also is it a two man job, ant advice or tips welcome cheers john
Title: Re: engine out
Post by: Goldy on 26.01. 2011 18:38
It depends if you prefer to work on the engine on the bench or in the frame. I prefer the latter if for no other reason than it is held in position. I remove the head and barrel first I then remove all the timing side and then the clutch side. Because the barrel has been removed its easy to lock the engine to allow the shaft nuts to be undone. You are then left with the crank and crank case which can easily be lifted out single handed. Also with this method there is less damage to such as chips to the frame etc. All the best with it.
Title: Re: engine out
Post by: muskrat on 26.01. 2011 19:10
G'day John,
                I agree with Goldy. You can take the g/box out by it's self but much easier with the motor out.
Looking at your pics on the other thread either your head gasket or ex valve guide needs attention. The oil on the underside is more than likely from the breather due to wet sumping.
Title: Re: engine out
Post by: ageing biker on 26.01. 2011 19:39
thanks for your reply's, engines going to a mate for a checkover so I thought it might be best to keep it together as much as poss, deffo something amiss around cylinder head it looks so much worse in pics
Title: Re: engine out
Post by: Beezageezauk on 26.01. 2011 20:26
Hi John,

And a welcome to the forum from me too.

I tend to remove the rocker box and cylinder head but leave the barrel on after slackening the nuts and making sure it's loose.  This way I'm protecting the pistons and rings whilst handling the lump.  In fact I would leave the barrel on until you get it to your mates place.

Oh, and make a note as to where the pushrods come from so they can be put back in the same places.  I put 4 holes in a piece of cardboard, mark them inlet n/s & o/s exhaust n/s & o/s and keep the pushrods bottom down in those holes.