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Title: Wipac Plane Spotting
Post by: Butch (cb) on 17.02. 2011 10:56
Bit of an odd one this, possibly ...

When putting the bike back on the road a couple of years ago I elected to remain 6v. I did have both the mag and dynamo refurbed and also decided to go with a solid state rectifier. When wiring I made sure I had sensible sized lines running up to the headlight, with a separate earth strap running up there and all soldered connections onto the bullets.

And in fact I was impressed with the amount of light I was getting from the 35/35w bulb I was using up there. More recently I've fitted Paul Goff supplied LED units for combined rear/brake light and pilot light, and also a quartz halogen headlight - still 35/35w I think.

Now due to various problems, not least the requirement for a second engine build, I've not managed many miles in that time, and even less after dark. However one thing has become patently clear more recently - and I think this was the case with both the old bulb and the new QH version; I can't get the lamp set right to throw correctly for both dipped and high beams. If I get dip where I want it then high beam is off into the trees. Set it for high beam and the the dip puddle is just in front of the front wheel.

I'm running a Wipac lens which I think I bought back in the day and was previously unused so effectively is NOS. I've got the lamp clamped to the forks with universal brackets but I'd imagine it's about a standard height from the road. I like the look of the Wipac unit and would prefer not to have to swap it out, but ...

Has anyone else experienced this?

Title: Re: Wipac Plane Spotting
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 17.02. 2011 11:13
Either the reflector has rotated and needs to be realigned or you have been supplied with the wrong bulb.
Car bulbs dip to either the left or right depending upon which side of the road they were designed for.
Motorcycle globes dip directly down as with a single light there is no left - right bias.
I have been using VW halogen 6 V globes for years and had to rotate the reflector a little to compensate for the bias.

And yes if the joints are good & clean you can get very good light from a 6 V system.
The WM 20 runs the original 25/25 which is more than adequate for M20 speeds till some twat with 2000 kw of blinding high beam sits behind me and leaves me snow blind