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Title: mag cut out
Post by: spyke on 14.03. 2011 22:28
Hi chaps,
On my newly reconditioned k2f (with auto advance ) there is the connection point for the cut out wire in the plastic end cap but this the same size and connection type as the ht leads ,so what size wire do you use, if its a thin one then it would be too small as it leaves though the plastic ferrule.Am i getting  the wrong end of the stick here?
Title: Re: mag cut out
Post by: LJ. on 15.03. 2011 09:22
That is a bit deceptive I must admit... I just use a small wire as its not really noticable, you could use ht wire if you wanted so long as the core is copper. The main thing is not to let any rain water get in where the wire enters.
Title: Re: mag cut out
Post by: A10Boy on 15.03. 2011 12:31
My AJ has that type of end cap, they all just use a normal thin black copper wire.

Title: Re: mag cut out
Post by: trevinoz on 15.03. 2011 20:19
                Get a rubber boot which is a close fit around the cut-out wire.
They should be available as they were an original fitment.
Title: Re: mag cut out
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 16.03. 2011 10:32
There is a wonderful product called "liquid electrical tape"
It is a thick rubberized paint.
Paint the connection.
It is thick so it wont seep into the joint and it is rubbery so t will stop the nut undoing.
I use it all over the place.
Bee knees for battery posts and common earths.