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Title: what to call it
Post by: spyke on 20.03. 2011 21:16
Hi chaps
Im almost coming to the end of my rebuild project, and am about to change my insurance from garage only to full on the road.
The bike has been built from just a frame, the logbook says A7 , it now has a 650 motor , and is i spose closest looking to Spitfire scrambler, but with an engine tune /power out put somewhere betweem a flash and a rocket.
What would you tell the insurance company?
Cheers Spyke

PS As the first start up is near, apart from pumping oil round round with the plugs out untill it comes out the relief valve what else should i do?
Title: Re: what to call it
Post by: RichardL on 20.03. 2011 22:44
I would tell the insurance company her name is Betty. Oops, taken.

Tires, brakes, clutch, free-moving carb slide(s), sump, lights, horn, personal patience, anything else involving safety that I may have fogotten but for which I am now making a disclaimer of responsibility for not saying it. That said, have a great ride. I'm jealous because I'm not quite ready yet to do the spring startup and ride.

Richard L. 
Title: Re: what to call it
Post by: trickytree on 20.03. 2011 22:55
I built my bobber from bits. Frame is a A50 but engine is A65 so my bike is insured and registered as a A50, engine capacity 654cc.
Title: Re: what to call it
Post by: trevinoz on 21.03. 2011 06:16
Isn't the A50 frame common to both the A50 and A65? At least for the first few years?

Title: Re: what to call it
Post by: trickytree on 21.03. 2011 18:31
Hi Trev, yes the frames are identical and up untill BSA started using matching numbers all A50 and A65 frame numbers began "A50###". Its just that my dating certificate confirmed what bike the frame and engine originated from...this is now all on the registration document, MOT, insurance cert etc.

As an aside I doubt there are many folk at DVLA or in the insurance industry that even know what a BSA is never mind the differance in models.
Title: Re: what to call it
Post by: bsa-bill on 21.03. 2011 18:50
A silly suggestion would be A8.5

But I would suggest A10 to avoid any (has the vehicle been modified ) issues with insurance