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Title: double trouble
Post by: spyke on 28.03. 2011 10:54
Hi Chaps,

You thought you had trouble, just seen this its a runner too not just a mock up.

Title: Re: double trouble
Post by: muskrat on 28.03. 2011 19:04
Tuners nightmare, but if you could tune that, try this
Title: Re: double trouble
Post by: olev on 29.03. 2011 12:37
Here's a pic of Lucky Kaizer and his bike.
Its only got one engine but its enough, I think
I saw (heard) it run at the Laverda concourse 'under the bridge' about 10 years ago.
Its a V twin sliced off the end of a 12 cylinder 27 litre merlin aero engine. about 5000cc.
Stunning noise!!
Don't know what happened to it.
Title: Re: double trouble
Post by: tombeau on 29.03. 2011 14:18
I discovered recently that a former colleague of my dads built a twin engined A10 outfit in the sixties, The one of the engines was actually a Huntmaster twin.
A period photo of had appeared in Classic Bike Guide a few years ago. I recognised the name and got my dad to ask if it was him.
Wonder what ever happened to it
Title: Re: double trouble
Post by: RichardL on 29.03. 2011 16:47
Proving that memory loss has not fully set in, I recalled that I had seen a three-engine version some time back and had posted a picture. It took some searching, but I found the post. Here 'tis:,2709.msg17774.html#msg17774

It seems to me that if someone has made a two-engine version, and another has made a three-engine version, maybe there was a four or more out there at some time.

Richard L.
Title: Re: double trouble
Post by: chaterlea25 on 29.03. 2011 20:24
What about this one *ex* *ex* *eek* *eek*

John O R