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Title: Who?
Post by: spyke on 09.04. 2011 12:20
Hi Chaps,

Got my MOT and things are running pretty good after the rebuild ,slightly sticky throttle only problem so carb back to the guy that sleeved it.
Footman James insurance have sent my my documents for the agreed value and they say the form must be filled in by Club Official, restorer,valuer, specialist vehicle dealer. Any ideas in my area of Wimborne Dorset or any one in the forum ? The last time I did one of these years ago i just got my cousins garage(normal car mechanic) to do it.

Cheers Spyke.
Title: Re: Who?
Post by: iansoady on 09.04. 2011 17:00
Last time I used FJ they just wanted photos, as Peter James now do, unless value is (IIRC) over £5,000.

But in answer to the question I have no idea who would do it.