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Title: Plunger gear box
Post by: Andrew on 22.04. 2011 16:11
I needed to replace inner gsakit, oil leak. however my haynes manual does not cover this gear box. When refitting inner cover, the haynes manual talks about red dot on quadrant. Does anyone know the correct way for indexing the gears on a plunger box.


Title: Re: Plunger gear box
Post by: muskrat on 22.04. 2011 23:06
G'day Andrew,
                   first make sure the pawl on the end of the lever spindle is in good condition, no broken, worn or chipped teeth and it moves freely returning to the central position. Hold it horizontal while the inner cover is pushed home. It can be a tight fit over the bearing so may need gentle persuasion. As it's nearly home give the spindle a little wiggle and you should feel it engage the cam plate.
I use some cut to length tube over the studs and replace the nuts to hold the inner cover in place. Then put the nut on the mainshaft and use a slide hammer to draw the shaft home. Remove the nuts and tubes and assemble the rest.
Remember use a thin or no gasket between the case and inner cover.
Good luck
My one typing finger is now worn out  *smile*
Title: Re: Plunger gear box
Post by: Andrew on 24.04. 2011 17:38
Thank you for that information.

I worked out an other way, making shore the gear box was in neutral. i replaced the inner cover with the outer cover. thus making shore the selector was helled in the right position , then i removed outer cover leaving inner cover in place, and then putting cog spring and bits, tab and nut on. It worked i have all 4 gears

thanks again

Title: Re: Plunger gear box
Post by: muskrat on 24.04. 2011 21:34
G'day Andrew,
                   good work, I never thought of that. There's always more than one way to skin a cat.