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Title: Grimeca 230mm Front Hub
Post by: magicflem on 04.05. 2011 09:12
I am in the middle of my 1963 BSA RGS resto and toying with the idea of fitting new Grimeca 230mm TLS double sided front hubs.
Has anybody had any experience with these hubs or does anyone have any views...positive or neg!!
Title: Re: Grimeca 230mm Front Hub
Post by: alanp on 04.05. 2011 11:46
A mate of mine fitted one to a classic Honda and wasn't overly impressed with the braking ability initially, I think due to set up hassle to get all shoes working as they should. Care in setting up seems to be the key. If my mate's experience is a guide it's not going to be a simple bolt on replacement.
I run an RGS with a 8" single sided Goldie front brake with an Eddy Dow Duetto TLS brake assy. which is good and still looks period. If you can't get one of those then I would get a 190mm front hub and fit a TLS conversion from say Phil Pearson, the Gold Star wizard. This would give you the brakes you need and still look period. Job done!
Whatever you do, don't fit one of those 'common' Triumph type TLS brakes from later models. (I may be wrong but to fit those you need Super Rocket fork leg bottoms anyway).
Title: Re: Grimeca 230mm Front Hub
Post by: andy2565 on 04.05. 2011 12:14
this site is very informative about drum brakes and a section on the grimeca hubs