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Title: A7 swinging arm
Post by: andy on 05.05. 2011 20:58
right here goes 1st  question of 1`000s at the start of a `57 A7 rebuild most stuff i`m ok with tons of facts and figuers ect ect to work to and getting to pick my dads brain helps but the question is this.......replacing the silent blocks in the swing arm with cross over brake shaft i know they are a press fit into the arm ok not a prob (i know people in the eneneering trade still) but cant find anything on the tube that goes through the "blocks" that supports the splined shaft is this supposed to be a tight fit????(hammer tap) or a snug slide fit???(push in with some effort).
    No2 in the head stock there is  a thread`d hole about half way down on the left hand side its tapped about 1/4?? any ideas what its for.
many thanks ride safe ANDY.
Title: Re: A7 swinging arm
Post by: bsa-bill on 05.05. 2011 22:37
Hi  Andy
 the crossover shaft is a snug fit in the tube but it has to turn to operate the brake

No2 I think is a hole for a grease nipple, just for pumping grease into the headstock really, I think the idea must have been to fill it up with grease
Title: Re: A7 swinging arm
Post by: trevinoz on 05.05. 2011 22:38
         The tube through the silentblocs should be a nice sliding fit. I use neverseez or such to stop it rusting to the bushes.
The tapped hole is for a grease nipple.

Title: Re: A7 swinging arm
Post by: andy on 06.05. 2011 14:01
cheers fellas that solves a lot of head scratching about the tube and the hole......seems a bloody odd place for a grease nipple though oh well fitting tapper rollers anyway so will just put a bolt in it before it goes away for powder coating.