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Title: A10 hooligan
Post by: Taffy on 14.06. 2011 20:32
Hi all you A10/7 guys, I need help I've become a hooligan riding my A10.Normaly I'm a sedate driver but now my bikes on the road I can't help darting about in a generally anti-social's geared for 0>50 rapido town gearing and fitted with loud pipes save lives style exhausts.these are mad machines why would they stop making them ?
Title: Re: A10 hooligan
Post by: bl**dydrivers on 14.06. 2011 20:39
At least your riding it and not hiding it.
Title: Re: A10 hooligan
Post by: Taffy on 14.06. 2011 20:51
My question is how do you ride these things sedately? Can it even be done.Maybe that's why people don't ride them because they turn normal people into hooligans
Title: Re: A10 hooligan
Post by: MG on 14.06. 2011 20:58
I suppose it is the other way 'round. You need those hooligan-genes in the first place to find them appealing.  *smile*
Title: Re: A10 hooligan
Post by: Taffy on 14.06. 2011 21:02
Thanks MG yours advice seems correct.I'm a hooligan and proud !
Title: Re: A10 hooligan
Post by: muskrat on 14.06. 2011 21:05
Thats why I have two. The '51 A7 is the sedate work horse and the '57 cafe is the hooligan. Either way I have heaps of fun.
Title: Re: A10 hooligan
Post by: MG on 14.06. 2011 21:18
...and the best thing is that it's all happening within legal limits, like 101dB exhaust noise noted in the paperwork.  *smile*
Last summer I was stopped by two coppers, and when I asked them why, since I hadn't been riding too fast, one of them replied: "Yes, we know, we could hear you coming since minutes!".   :P
Title: Re: A10 hooligan
Post by: bsa-bill on 14.06. 2011 21:25
Four of us young lads received a severe tongue lashing from our local bobby -  Sgt Jim Nolan, to the effect that he had received complaints regarding motorcycles leaving the village around midnight making a lot of unnecessary noise, and further more he required of us that we prove our BSA could be ridden in such a manner as to make no more noise than his Francis Barnet when exiting the village - we managed to do just that, so yes they can be ridden sedately.

A nice bloke Jim was, liked bikes and their young riders, kept the law in our village without many folk finding themselves in court, just a few timely words and a stern look.

Only once saw him lose the stern look, when asking a young lad just left school what he was doing in the pub with a pint of beer in his hand,  
How old are you Lad? (a question he new the answer to as he new the lad well)  15 Mr Nolan said the lad
and where do you live (also something he new well as the lad lived two doors down  from him) in Lowick Mr Nolan
and what do you call your farther lad (again he new damn well ) " Dad" said the lad
Exit Sgt Nolan with black gloved hand covering a grinning moustached mouth