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Title: Indian girder forks
Post by: Brian on 01.07. 2011 01:22
Not a A question but maybe someone can help. I have a friend building a M20 and he needs a set of girders, almost impossible to find these days, so...

Has anyone had any experience with the ones made in India, basically are they total rubbish or can they, with some work be made usable. Bearing in mind this bike will be ridden, not a show piece.
Title: Re: Indian girder forks
Post by: LJ. on 01.07. 2011 08:49
Hi Brian... There has been a lot of discussion on the WD M20 forum concerning Indian made Girder forks...

The general feeling is that Indian made girder forks are dangerous and should not be fitted as they are said to be 'cast' rather than made from quality steel. Originals do come up on ebay from time to time and fetching silly amounts of money, a pair just sold only a week or two ago for £1,130.00. Probably the best way is to get the forks and then build up a set from parts which are still obtainable.
Title: Re: Indian girder forks
Post by: tombeau on 01.07. 2011 09:48
aargh its one of those forums that you have to read backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!