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Title: GOLD for a Goldie
Post by: muskrat on 02.07. 2011 08:50
G'day all,
            just saw this on ebay AU
Have to find a busier corner for the missus to work.
Title: Re: GOLD for a Goldie
Post by: MG on 02.07. 2011 13:26
 *eek* *eek* *eek*

not for you anyway, Musky:
"This bike needs to be in a museum." (quote from the item description)  *smile*
Title: Re: GOLD for a Goldie
Post by: bsa-bill on 02.07. 2011 15:59
It's to be hoped at that price it does not have the badges on that I just bought from Ebay.
Though I'd got a bargain, paid less than half price for them, absolute crap, I wont name the dealer as they took them back and gave a full refund with apology immediatley.
Fair to say they are not classic bike specialists and MAY have thought the item was right as it was new, don't know where they were made, in the dark somewhere I reckon
Title: Re: GOLD for a Goldie
Post by: Brian on 02.07. 2011 23:39
Weve all heard the saying "all that glitters is not gold", that is very much the case with this particular bike.

I suppose I have to choose my words carefully here but this bike has a controversial past.

Alledgedly this bike was imported from the UK around 2007, the engine is a JM24 and as such should be in a JM24 frame, the frame the engine was in was a KJM19. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a substitute frame of the correct type if the original is not available or is damaged beyong repair which is what happened in this case. However when the vendor denies the frame is the incorrect one and claims the frame is the one that left the factory with the engine and then asks a astronomical price things get a bit difficult.

Finally after much pressure from enthusiasts all over the place the vendor has finally admitted the frame is not the original. If you go back to the description you will see he has added a paragraph admitting this.