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Title: leaks from gear and kickstart shafts - any good mods?
Post by: t20racerman on 22.08. 2011 16:05
Hi all

I went a lovely 300 mile round trip on the bike last weekend and the BSA seemed to throw oil out of everywhere! I've now tracked down the correct felt washer for the sliding chaincase plate to slow that leak, can sort out one or two other small leaks, BUT it is even coming out of the gear and kickstart shaft opening on the gearbox cover. Not streaming out by any means, but after 300 miles without a wipedown it is a real mess there.
Clearly the two bushes have some wear and I can, and will, replace them but I wondered if anyone has tried fitting seals or anything here? Seems a better solution than just a tight bush (ooh err... ;)) If they are replaced though, is a seal necessary?

I appreciate that old bikes leak, and that trying to make it totally oiltight is a waste of time really, but I like to fiddle and mod things (hence the GT750 4LS front hub!) and I just wondered what your thoughts were.

(Oh, and NO, I didn't overfill the gearbox!  *smile* *smile*)
Title: Re: leaks from gear and kickstart shafts - any good mods?
Post by: bsa-bill on 22.08. 2011 16:19
Hi Adrian, I replaced the bushes on mine, not as effective as I'd hoped due to the fact that the kickstart  had wear on it too but just on the bit that runs in the bush , so I reamed the bush to allow the shaft through, result was the bush is tighter but not as tight as it should be, so still leaked a bit.
Also there was side play on the kickstart quadrant that allowed the bush to move through the box cover, I cut an old timing side bush to fit the kickstart shaft leaving it a bit short, enough to get an O ring in then the cut brush then the kickstart lever, so once the lever is on it holds everything up tight and has helped it a lot
Title: Re: leaks from gear and kickstart shafts - any good mods?
Post by: wilko on 23.08. 2011 00:46
Just don't fill it up to the usual level. leave half a pint out! The commended level is for perfect world!